Is Obedecer regular or irregular?

Is Obedecer regular or irregular?

The Spanish verb obedecer means ‘to obey’ and is an irregular Spanish ER verb.

What is Obedecer in the yo form?

Using the chart below you can learn how to conjugate the Spanish verb obedecer in Present tense….Mode: Indicative.

Personal Pronoun Conjugation
Yo obedezco
Tu obedeces
El/Ella obedece
Nosotros obedecemos

What is irregular yo form?

Verbs in Spanish that are completely regular in the present tense except for the yo form are called yo irregulars . Verbs with a similar irregular yo form are grouped together to help you remember them. It is quite common to make verbs by adding a prefix to a simple verb.

Does Conducir have an irregular yo form?

In this lesson, we will learn how to use the verb ‘conducir’, which means to drive. It is an ‘-ir’ verb that is irregular in the pronoun ‘yo’.

What verbs are irregular in the yo form?

Verbs with Irregular Yo Forms

Spanish Infinitive English Infinitive Yo Form
hacer to do/make hago
poner to put pongo
saber to know
salir to leave/to go out salgo

Are there any verbs that are irregular in Yo?

The yo form is not included in these charts because it will be irregular for the first group of verbs you will learn. There are two extremely important verbs that are irregular only because the yo form of the verb ends in ‐ oy. These two verbs are dar (to give) and estar (to be).

Which is an irregular form of the word go?

-go verbs. Another specific type of “yo irregular” includes verbs whose yo form ends in ‐go even though there is not a single g in the infinitive. The simplest and most common ‐go verbs are regular in all forms except yo, so only the irregular yo form is listed below.

Are there any irregulars in the verb Dar?

These two verbs are dar (to give) and estar (to be). The rest of the forms of the verbs have regular endings, but notice in Table that the verb estar has accent marks on all forms except the first‐person pronouns ( yo and nosotros/nosotras ). The verb dar is completely regular in all forms except yo and does not have any accents.

Which is an irregular form of the word decir?

Decir is irregular in all forms. The following verbs all have a yo form that ends in ‐zco. They are regular in all other forms. Desaparecer (to disappear) is a good example of a basic verb that you know ( aparecer) and a prefix ( des‐ ).