Is KEF a good speaker?

Is KEF a good speaker?

KEF is one of the finest purveyors of British hi-fi, with an illustrious heritage that stretches back more than 50 years. It’s had a few ups and downs in that time, but hasn’t lost its talent for engineering classy, superb-sounding speakers. Most of KEF’s speakers feature the firm’s innovative Uni-Q driver.

What Hi-Fi Best KEF?

Best KEF speakers 2021: budget, premium, bookshelf and standmount

  • KEF LS50 Meta. These standmounters set new standards at the price.
  • KEF LSX. A splendid, rhythmic all-in-one hi-fi system.
  • KEF Q350. Elegant, detailed and surprisingly affordable.
  • KEF R3.
  • KEF LS50 Wireless.
  • KEF R5.
  • KEF Reference 1.
  • KEF Egg.

Are KEF speakers warm sounding?

The older basic model KEFs were quite warm sounding, as Jamie says “soft and dark”. Classic British sound. But their Reference 107 was very good, and the latest KEFs are quite nice indeed.

What does KEF speakers stand for?

Kent Engineering & Foundry
KEF is a British loudspeaker manufacturer with international distribution. It was founded in Tovil, Maidstone, Kent in 1961 by electrical engineer Raymond Cooke and named after Kent Engineering & Foundry with which it originally shared the site.

Is KEF LS50 worth the money?

The best overall feature of the LS50 is its exceptional value, meaning the price and the performance it delivers. There is a reason it has won so many awards over the last couple of years and has been the talk of the industry in many ways.

What kind of speakers are in the Kef q35.2?

Celestion SL6S, Artison, PSB Stratus Mini, Yamaha NS10M Studio, Monitor Audio Gold 9, Monitor Audio MA-800, Monitor Audio Studio 2, Sony SS-M3, Jubileam DACT Limited Edition, & many other makes. Clarity, imaging, musicality, sweet sounding, detail, nearfield monitoring.

When did the Kef q35se monitor come out?

The Q35 evolved over the years and 2007 saw the launch of the iQ5SE variant, which battled it out with the truly exceptional Monitor Audio BR5 and B&W 685 speakers. Like its ancestors, the iQ35SEs were a compact and attractive pair of hugely talented floorstanders.

Which is the best Kef speaker in the world?

The Coda IIIs used a KEF designed and Japanese built 3cm fabric dome tweeter, plus a 20cm paper pulp mid-bass driver which was glued into the cabinet to ensure a solid seal. Proper budget speakers didn’t get much better in 1985. The 105/3s (pictured above, middle) were clever speakers that combined a couple of different KEF technologies.

What kind of driver does a Kef 105 / 3 have?

The 105/3s (pictured above, middle) were clever speakers that combined a couple of different KEF technologies. The company’s trademark Uni-Q driver was present, but it was also joined by what KEF referred to as its coupled-cavity bass loading tech, which had two drive units actually firing within the speaker’s cabinet.