Is it possible to Softlock Metroid Fusion?

Is it possible to Softlock Metroid Fusion?

Conversation. A new softlock was found in fusion. if you close the message box at the animals on the last possible frame the cutscenes breaks causing samus to be stuck in this pose. I remember getting this some time in 2019 on 3DS.

What is the max amount of missiles in Metroid Fusion?

Each Missile Tank will grant you an extra 5 missiles, once finding all 48 missiles you’ll have a maximum of 250.

What is Shinesparking?

The shinespark, oftentimes shortened to simply “spark”, is a technique that allows Samus to travel at an extremely high speed at the expense of energy until Samus collides with a surface she cannot pass through with the technique.

How many missile tanks are in Metroid Fusion?

This game has a run page on SDA! Samus will end with 20 e-tanks, 250 missiles, and 74 power bombs.

What does the Shinespark do in Super Metroid?

The Shinespark is a special technique and a secondary ability of the Speed Booster, which was first introduced in Super Metroid by the Dachora. It allows Samus to fly in any direction. It is often used to save time, obtain items which can’t be reached otherwise, break through certain blocks, or reach previously impossible-to-explore areas.

What is the theme of Metroid sector 2?

The theme of Sector 2 is featured in the Metroid Fusion Arranged Version medley featured on the Metroid Prime & Fusion Original Soundtracks. The green environment of Sector 2. A Dessgeega in Sector 2.

What happens to Samus at the end of a Shinespark?

Additionally, the end of a Shinespark in Super Metroid releases a shockwave perpendicular to Samus’ trajectory a few seconds after she impacts something; this shockwave takes the form of “afterimages” of Samus.

How do you use the Hi Jump in Metroid Fusion?

This can be performed in Morph Ball mode in Metroid: Zero Mission when Samus acquires the Hi-Jump. In Metroid: Zero Mission and Metroid Fusion, if Samus Shinesparks directly toward a sloped surface, she will continue speed boosting. This technique can be useful to reach seemingly impossible-to-reach areas.