Is it correct to say rightly said?

Is it correct to say rightly said?

“Rightly said,” is, I believe, more British than American. An American is more likely to say “Well said.” Both are very formal and sound a bit upperclass or over-educated. “Right said,” to me, sounds like someone who does not know English well mis-remembering the not out-of-date and uncommon British “Rightly said.”

What is the meaning of rightly said?

1 in accordance with the facts; correctly. 2 in accordance with principles of justice or morality. 3 with good reason; justifiably.

How do you use rightly said?

Sentence examples for rightly said that from inspiring English sources. It’s been rightly said that, as a physicist, you don’t ever come to understand them in any intuitive sense; you just get used to accepting them. Margaret Thatcher rightly said that consensus is the absence of leadership.

How do you say rightly said?

rightly said > synonyms »correctly pointed out exp. »rightly pointed out exp. »has rightly pointed out exp. »well spoken exp.

What is the difference between right and rightly?

As adverbs the difference between rightly and right is that rightly is aright, in a right manner, correctly while right is on the right side or right can be exactly, precisely.

What is the synonym of rightly?

In this page you can discover 23 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for rightly, like: correctly, uprightly, justly, appropriately, suitably, fairly, properly, exactly, wrongly, without reason and accurately.

What is another word for rightly?

Is it rightly or rightfully?

Yes, you are. The distinctions that dictionaries draw between the two words are at best blurry and confusing, but in good usage rightly is the opposite of wrongly, and rightfully means much the same as by rights. In saying rightfully, that announcer used the wrong word. Do you have a language question or dispute?

How do you respond to well said?

And if you find yourself at a loss for words, try these responses:

  1. For a job well done: “Thank you.
  2. For a speech, performance, article, or work of art: “Thank you.
  3. For your help: “Thank you.
  4. If you caught a mistake that was missed by others: “Thanks for noticing.
  5. In any other situation: “Thank you.

What is meaning of you said it?

Definition of you said it informal. —used to express complete agreement with something just said “That was a pretty selfish thing for him to do.” “You said it.””Let’s grab something to eat.” “You said it. I’m starving.”

What does befittingly mean?

1 : suitable, appropriate. 2 : proper, decent.

Do it right or rightly?

Right and rightly can both be used as adverbs. In the sense ‘correctly’ or ‘in the right way’, right is the usual adverb. It is only used after verbs: He did it right.