Is Helsinki worth visiting?

Is Helsinki worth visiting?

One of the biggest reasons people ask “is Helsinki worth visiting?” is the capital’s rather cold reputation. However, if you want a quiet city stay with a dose of nature, then solo travel in Helsinki is worth visiting and will definitely meet your needs.

How many days are enough for Helsinki?

But to be honest, two days is fine as well if you are happy just to the basic sightseeing.. You should visit The Cathedral (the white one) and The Uspenski Cathedral (the red one). Those are really impressive to my opinion. Another highly interesting church is Temppeliaukio Church – it’s carved into stone.

What can you do in Helsinki in 3 days?

How to spend 3 days in Helsinki

  1. Quick 3 Days in Helsinki itinerary.
  2. Day 1 – Walk around Helsinki, Suomenlinna.
  3. Day 2 – National Museum of Finland, Helsinki Cathedral, Botanic Gardens.
  4. Day 3 – Helsinki City Museum, Bank of Finland Museum, Market Square.

Is Helsinki safe for tourists?

Almost 90 percent of Finns feel that they live in a safe country. This is no wonder in Helsinki, one of the world’s safest cities. According to Mercer 2019 Quality of Living Rankings, Helsinki is the second safest city in the world.

What is the best time of year to visit Helsinki?

It depends on what you’d like to experience: for plenty of snow and winter activities, December to March is the best time. For springtime sun and the revival of nature after the winter, April to May is the period. For long and warm summer days and plenty of events, opt for June, July and August.

Can we see Northern Lights in Helsinki?

It is possible to see the northern lights in Helsinki, but as is the case with urban stargazing, the conditions have to be just right. There must be a clear sky and a strong solar storm that produces aurora bright enough to be seen through the light pollution.

Is Helsinki a walkable city?

There are lots of common questions about the Finnish capital like “is Helsinki walkable?” The answer is yes!

What is the best month to visit Finland?

What is the best time to visit Helsinki?

The best time to travel to Finland to visit Helsinki is between May and September. During these months there is little rainfall and a maximum temperature of 26ºC in July. The city, having a continental climate, has hot summers and very cold winters.

Do they speak English in Helsinki?

The majority of Helsinki-dwellers speak English in addition to their mother tongue of Finnish or Swedish, often along with some other foreign language such as German, French or Spanish. The metropolitan region has many inhabitants who have a mother tongue other than Finnish or Swedish.

How to get the best of Helsinki?

Another great way to see the best of Helsinki is along the waterfront as there’s a seven kilometre trail that runs from end to end. Heading down the eastern side of the Helsinki peninsula your walk will begin at Hietaniemi Beach, which on the warmest summer days is the best sandy bay in Helsinki.

What to see in Helsinki, capital of Finland?

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  • and from the water at night itseems to shine like a beacon.
  • Esplanadi.
  • Temppeliaukio Church.
  • What country is Helsinki in?

    Alternative Title: Helsingfors. Helsinki, Swedish Helsingfors, capital of Finland. It is the leading seaport and industrial city of the nation. Helsinki lies in the far south of the country, on a peninsula that is fringed by fine natural harbours and that protrudes into the Gulf of Finland.

    What are the best things to do in Finland?

    Finland Hiking. Hiking in Finland is one of the top things to do in Finland for those who enjoy trekking in the great outdoors. There are miles and miles of quality hiking trails across the country, from the Finnish archipelago in the south on up to the far reaches of the northern Lapland region.