Is Happy Appy a Creepypasta?

Is Happy Appy a Creepypasta?

Happy Appy is a Creepypasta about a man named Gerasim Yakovlev who discovers a lost Nick Jr. series. At first, it seems normal; Happy Appy is an anthropomorphic apple who goes around healing kids who get injured. After a couple of episodes, it gets progressively worse and worse.

When was Happy Appy created?

Sometime during 1999, after Noggin was launched, Nickelodeon aired a new show on their program, called Happy Appy.

What is Gregory’s room?

Gregory’s Room is an animation crafted by seinfeldspitstain, of which they claim is a rejected Nick Jr. pilot from 1999. It stars the titular character, in a room, describing the various ways he plans to keep the viewer entertained during their stay.

What is Funnymouth?

Funnymouth is a jawless humanoid monster with a long dangling tongue and has tongues instead of hands and feet. If he slimes your face with one of his tongues your jaw will tear itself loose and scurry away on what was once your tongue.

What happened to happyhappy Appy?

Happy Appy was a show on Nick Jr in 1999. The show was banned cause of a 9\\11 scene and violence and graphic scenes. The creator of the show, Forenzik went insane. Forenzik. It was lunchtime (or 12:00 PM) in the studios, when he walked in.

What happened to Appy in Episode 6?

Blood is seen from the bush and screams are heard. The other kid waits for Appy, then he’s seen emerging from the back of her then it skips frames, next thing I see is a blood trail leading to another bush and Appy doing that DAMN smile! Episode 6 showed Appy doing a death stare but it was hardly viewable.

What are the colors of Happy Appy’s eyes?

To describe more about the colors of Happy Appy, his eyes were dark blue, his mouth was dark green, and he had a leaf on his head. His intro song had the same tune as “Mary had a Little Lamb”. It went something like this “Happy Appy Appy App. Happy App, Happy App. Happy Appy Appy App, he helps kids all day!” repeated three times.

How would you describe the episodes of Happy’s Vacation?

Let’s describe the actual show episodes. Episode 1 and 2 were called “Happy’s Vacation” and “Hurt Happy”, respectively. Happy’s Vacation was exactly what you thought; Happy going on vacation, and helping kids at the beach.