Is Asbach a good brandy?

Is Asbach a good brandy?

This brandy is fantastic – I usually like French ones, but Asbach shines and stands in its own class. A n excellent brandy at a reasonable price! Excellent brandy, smooth, flavorful with a nice finish for a 3 year-old! I first had it while stationed in the RheinPfalz district of Germany as a G.I.

What is the difference between Asbach Uralt and original?

Asbach have a range – Uralt is the basic and lowest proof 38%, Urbrand has a bit more kick and a bit more alcohol at 40% – in the world of brandy’s Asbach is matured similar to whisky and although Germany don’t tend to export the higher range of Asbachs one could set you back a couple hundred quid a bottle.

How do you drink Asbach Uralt?

Pour the brandy, creme de cacao and soymilk into a cocktail shaker over 3 ice cubes. Shake well, and strain into a pousse-cafe glass. Add a shot of espresso, dust with nutmeg, and serve.

Is Asbach Uralt a brandy?

Up to today, Asbach Uralt is one of the best-known German brandy trademarks. As a long drink, it is often mixed with Cola products; especially in traditional pubs in the Berlin area, where it is served as Futschi. The wines are carefully distilled on yeast in copper stills.

What is Asbach Uralt made of?

Made from high quality grapes, the Asbach Uralt is distilled twice before being aged in small, 300-liter Limousin Oak casks.

What is the flavor of Asbach brandy?

The taste is full-bodied and spicy, with a well-developed flavor of fruits with background notes of almonds and spices. Asbach has been produced since 1892.

What does Asbach Uralt taste like?

Taste: Sweet and thick, with intense dark fruits, then black pepper and a hot finish. It seems to be a German characteristic that their distillates have a hot, rough finish compared to other countries’ distillates.

How old is Asbach Uralt?

Asbach Uralt is a German brandy produced by the company Asbach GmbH, a subsidiary of Underberg AG, which also makes other spirits and chocolate. Its history dates back to 1892 when Hugo Asbach (1868–1935) founded the company in the town of Rüdesheim am Rhein.

What kind of alcohol is Asbach?

Is Asbach Uralt a cognac?

Brandy is a spirit produced by distilling fruit wine. Cognac and Armagnac both come from grapes specific to the Cognac and Armagnac regions of France.

What is Asbach made from?

Made from high quality grapes, the Asbach Uralt is distilled twice before being aged in small, 300-liter Limousin Oak casks. The barrel aging process ranges from two to four years for their classic bottling.

Where is the Asbach distillery?

Asbach GmbH is located in Ruedesheim am Rhein.