Is ACI Gift cards owned by Amazon?

Is ACI Gift cards owned by Amazon?

SEATTLE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Sept. 5, 2008–ACI Gift Cards, Inc., a subsidiary of, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN), today launched Amazon Gift Codes On Demand(TM) (AGC On Demand), a real-time electronic gift-card distribution option available from the Amazon Corporate Gift Card program.

Can Amazon gift cards be traced?

The gift card usually can’t be traced, and the merchant gets a chargeback from the holder of the stolen credit card. Taking over an account and buying gift cards: With someone’s bank or online shopping account credentials, criminals can buy lots of gift cards and spend them or cash them out before they’re caught.

How do I check the expiry date of my Amazon gift card?

How to check your Amazon gift card balance on desktop

  1. Log into your account and from the homepage, hover over Accounts & Lists, then click “Your Account.”
  2. Click the box that says “Gift Cards.”
  3. You will be taken to a page where you can view your gift card balance, as well as recent transactions using Amazon gift cards.

What is an Amazon gift card?

An Amazon gift card is a card pre-loaded with a set amount of money and then sent out via email, post, or another method to a set recipient. The recipient can redeem their gift card on Amazon for anything on Amazon. You can order Amazon gift cards on the dedicated page HERE.

Should I buy Amazon gift cards?

Amazon gift cards are always a good gift idea. Because shopping on Amazon is full of endless possibilities, and the fact that the site offers free, two day-shipping for Prime members, you really can’t go wrong with an Amazon gift card.

Can you see who used a gift card?

Once you purchase the gift card and give it to someone, you won’t be able to know if they used it unless you ask them.

Can gift card purchases be traced?

In general, it is very difficult for gift cards to be traced. A main component of gift cards is that they are not attached to an individual or an account, so there is no personal information linked to them. Even if you use a credit card to purchase the gift card, this does not mean that the stolen funds can be traced.

Do Amazon gift cards expire 2020?

2. Limitations: Gift Cards, including any unused Gift Card balances, expire one year from the date of issuance. Gift Cards cannot be used to purchase other gift cards. Gift Cards cannot be reloaded, resold, transferred for value or redeemed for cash.

Can Amazon gift cards be used anywhere?

According to the gift card terms and conditions, an gift card is only redeemable toward the purchase of products on So while the gift card itself is only redeemable in one country, Amazon will accept payment from another.

What happens if you buy a gift card on Amazon?

Q: Am I buying the selected item or a gift card? A: Technically speaking, you are buying a gift card that can be redeemed toward millions of items at Your recipient will receive a customized gift card that displays the image and title of the item you suggest.

Where is ACI Gift Cards Inc in Seattle WA?

This profile for Aci Gift Cards Inc is located in Seattle, WA. Aci Gift Cards Inc industry is listed as Management Consulting Services. There are no officers listed for this company.

How can I get a new ACI ID?

If the individual cannot produce an original wallet card, the individual may obtain a replacement displaying the issued ID Number by contacting the ACI Certification Department; prior to issuing replacement credentials ACI performs an identity check to ensure the credentials are provided to the proper individual.

What are the terms of use for Aci certified personnel Directory?

By agreeing to the Terms of Use, the user of the ACI Certified Personnel Directory is agreeing to use the Directory only in the manner stated above, and recognizes that ACI is not responsible for persons using the Directory in the act of misrepresenting their qualifications or the qualifications of others.

How can I verify my American Concrete Institute certification?

The certification of the individual may then be verified using Search Option 1. Alternatively, the individual or agency verifying the credential may call the ACI Certification Department to speak directly with an ACI Certification representative equipped to assist using alternative search criteria. Search Option 3 – Search by Program Area.