How to download JInitiator?

How to download JInitiator?

Click on the download link below and save the file named jinit.exe to your filesystem. When the download finishes you can install Oracle JInitiator by locating the file using the Windows Explorer and double-clicking on it to start the installation process.

What is Oracle JInitiator used for?

Oracle JInitiator enables users to run Oracle Forms applications using Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer. It provides the ability to specify the use of a specific Java Virtual Machine (JVM) on the client, rather than using the browser’s default JVM.

How do I open JInitiator control panel?

To view Oracle JInitiator output: From the Windows Start menu, choose Start|Settings|Control Panel|Oracle JInitiator. Click the Basic tab.

How do I find JInitiator version?

To view Oracle JInitiator output:

  1. From the Windows Start menu, choose Start|Settings|Control Panel|Oracle JInitiator.
  2. Click the Basic tab.
  3. Check the Show Java Console check box to enable debug output.

How do I fix Jinitiator version is too low?

Right click My Computer and go to Properties. Click on System Properties to access the System Properties menu. Start Menu -> Control Panel -> Programs -> Java (or search for Java in the upper right box labeled Search Control Panel). After the Java Control Panel opens, go to the Java tab and click the view button.

How do I fix Oracle Jinitiator version too low Please install Version 1.1 8.2 or higher?

Error! FRM-92095: Oracle Jinitiator version too low. Please install version 1.1. 8.2 or higher

  1. Uninstall all existing Java installations on machine.
  2. Uninstall all existing J2SE Runtime Environment installations on machine.
  3. Restart the machine.
  4. Install JRE 6u45.
  5. Open the Control Panel.

How do I fix Oracle Jinitiator version is too low?

How to use the Oracle Jinitiator plug in?

Oracle JInitiator is a Java applet used for Oracle Applications. It serves many purposes, including ensuring that the correct version of Java is executed on the client destktop. more info… Use this plug-in to add the Windows Media Player ActiveX control to the Firefox browser. more info…

How does Oracle Jinitiator work with Netscape Navigator?

Oracle JInitiator leverages the Netscape Navigator plug-in architecture in order to run inside the browser in the same way other plug-ins, such as QuickTime movies or Shockwave animations operate. Using the Netscape HTML tag, Web application developers can specify that plug-ins run as part of a Web page.

What’s the difference between JavaSoft and Oracle Jinitiator?

The primary difference is that Oracle JInitiator includes the Oracle certified JRE whereas the JavaSoft Java Plug-In is shipped with a JavaSoft JDK reference implementation which has not been certified with Oracle Developer Server applications.

Is the Java 7 Jinitiator version too low?

Opening Oracle Forms (Smart Center, e.Notify) in any browser (Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer) on Windows produces an error indicating that the Jinitiator version is too low. Java 7 is installed.