How tall is the X-Scream at Waldameer?

How tall is the X-Scream at Waldameer?

For the 2007 season, Waldameer opened X-Scream, a 140-foot-tall drop tower ride.

What rides are at Waldameer?

Ravine Flyer II
X-ScreamSteel DragonCometRavine Flyer III
Waldemeer Park/Rides

What is the new ride at Waldameer?

Waldameer Park & Water World, Erie, Pennsylvania, is adding attractions to both their amusement park and their waterpark this year. They will re-introduce Whirlwind, a compact spinning coaster by SBF/Visa. This is a family ride for young children and their parents and siblings.

How tall is the Ravine Flyer 2 at Waldameer?

26 m
Ravine Flyer II/Height

Is waldameer good for toddlers?

Waldameer & Water World has over 100 rides, slides, and attractions for kids of all ages! From our Kiddieland rides, where kids can ride with their parents, to the 8th Best Wooden Coaster in the World, the Ravine Flyer II, there is something for everyone!

What happened to the Ravine Flyer 1?

Waldameer’s Ravine Flyer ran from peninsula hill to Presque Isle over Peninsula Drive. It was removed in 1938 because of an accidental death on the Flyer. The ride came to a sudden stop and he fell to his death on Peninsula Drive.

How much are tickets to Water World?

general admission for adults costs $65.99 online and $75.99 at the gate. Children under 110cm pay $55.99 online and $65.99 at the gate. Seniors are charged the same. Parking costs $10.

How fast is the Ravine Flyer 2?

97 km/h
Ravine Flyer II/Max speed

The Ravine Flyer II is ranked 7th Best Wooden Coaster in the world. The steel support structure boasts a 120′ first drop, over 3000′ feet of track, speeds over 60mph, all combined with 6 tunnels and a 165′ arched bridge that sends you soaring over a 4-lane highway!

How old is the Ravine Flyer 2?

Ravine Flyer II opened in May of 2008 and won the most prestigious award in the industry, the “Golden Ticket Award,” for best new ride in the world by Amusement Today. Since then, Ravine Flyer II has been perennially ranked in the top ten by Amusement Today for best wooden roller coaster.

What’s open at Waldameer?

Waldemeer Park/Opened

Can you take a cooler into water world?

Bring a cooler into the park for a fee based on the size of the cooler. Small coolers are allowed with a $20 fee and large coolers (48 gallons and more) are allowed for a $50 fee. Glass, fast food, and alcohol are prohibited.

Do you have to wear a bathing suit at Waldameer?

Children must be able to walk on their own to ride Kiddieland rides. Guests must wear shirt, shoes, and pants or shorts while in the amusement park and riding amusement park attractions. No bathing suits are allowed to be worn on our amusement rides.

Are there any line jumping at Waldameer Park?

Waldameer does not allow any form of line jumping. Line jumping includes: leaving and returning for any reason; holding a spot for someone else; joining someone already in line; jumping any fences or chains; cutting through the line.

When does Waldameer Park open for the season?

***Opening Time: Based on our Normal Operating Hours starting on Monday June 15, 2020. Rides open on a progressive basis, some at noon and the rest at 1:00 pm. Operating Hours and Ride Opening Times vary Mid May through Mid June. Children must be able to walk on their own to ride Kiddieland rides.

Can you wear a cast on a water slide at Waldameer?

We ask that all diapers be changed in our restrooms where changing tables are located. Guests must change into street clothes (shoes, shirt and pants or shorts) before returning to Waldameer. Showers and changing rooms are provided and rental lockers available. Casts are not allowed on water slides.