How should you set up for a sand shot?

How should you set up for a sand shot?

Take a slightly wider stance than you would for a chip shot (about shoulder width is good) and shuffle your feet into the sand so you’re standing on a flat, stable surface. Open the club face so that it faces the sky – as though you could balance a glass of wine on it.

How do you tee up a hybrid?

For a hybrid club, tee the ball slightly higher, about a half inch above ground level. Hybrids have more weight built into the sole, and you want that weight to get under the ball so you’re taking advantage of the technology. When you get to a fairway wood, set the tee so a quarter of the ball is above the face.

Should you hit down on a hybrid?

Remember, you don’t hit down on your hybrid the way you do with your irons. This means you want more of a sweeping golf swing motion. And your body position can do a lot to help you reach this goal.

Should you choke down on bunker shots?

Ritter says you should be choking so far down, one of your fingers is touching the shaft of the club. This makes the club shorter: The shorter the club is, the shorter distance the ball will travel.

How do you hit a perfect hybrid?

To hit a hybrid, simply set-up with the ball a few inches inside your front foot, and swing as if you are hitting an iron (with a slightly descending angle of attack). You don’t need to try and lift the golf ball into the air, as the natural loft and design of a hybrid does this for you.

How high should you tee up a hybrid?

What ball position should you use for hybrid golf clubs?

As you might suspect, the ball position that you use for your hybrid clubs is going to be a bit farther back in your stance from your fairway woods.

Where should I play my hybrid golf shots?

You basically want to always play your hybrids somewhere at or slightly behind the forward heel. Because we flare our feet in the PPGS setup, we cannot use our toes as a gauge for ball position. Instead, we gauge the width of our stance and ball position by our ankles.

What is the correct position of the golf ball when using driver?

So, the correct position of the golf ball when you use the driver is the closest to your front foot and most distant from your body. These 4 types of golf ball positions follow a simple rule that I will simply for the beginners now. Take your shortest golf club and put it right at the center between your two heels along the target line.

Should you use a hybrid club for short iron shots?

That steep angle is great for short iron shots, but it will ruin your chances at hitting a quality shot with a hybrid club. Hybrids are meant to be swept off the ground, so be sure that you are using a ball position which will promote that kind of action through the hitting area.