How often should you call to a gobbler?

How often should you call to a gobbler?

Call every few minutes, and act like a disinterested hen going about her daily routine. Moving also helps in such situations, because turkeys rarely sit and yelp in one place for long.

What is the best turkey gobble call?

A fly-down cackle is good call to tell a gobbler that a hen is on the ground. However, a fly-down cackle often works best if the gobbler is already on the ground before you call. Otherwise, the tom may stay on the roost; waiting for what he thinks is a hen turkey to come to him before he flies down.

What is the difference between a jake and a gobbler?

A jake is an immature male bird. A gobbler or tom turkey is a mature male bird. There will be shifts in physical appearance and behavior as they get older, but a gobbler is essentially a gobbler on its 2 year birthday.

How do you respond to a turkey gobble?

Anytime you can give a turkey a wide open trail or path to walk to you, then more than likely, he’ll take the path with the fewest obstacles. If you give the turkey an easy way to move to you where he doesn’t have to cross a fence, water or thick cover, then he may walk to within gun range.

Do turkeys move in the rain?

Understanding Turkeys: Do Turkeys Move in The Rain But, as the storms move on and the rain subsides, the turkeys will leave their roost position and begin their day. “Turkeys may not gobble when there is a heavy rain falling,” mentions Bob Phillips, of Lincoln, Ala.

Do gobbler calls work?

The most common use for a gobble in a hunting situation is when you have a gobbler that hangs up and won’t come any closer. Often, a gobble is all it takes to move that bird your way. It can work because a gobbler fears another bird has already moved in on the love-sick hen that he has been communicating with.

Why do turkeys gobble when you whistle?

Are they talking to each other or sending out warnings, or what? Answer: Only male turkeys, or toms, can gobble, and they mostly do it in the spring and fall. It is a mating call and attracts the hens. Wild turkeys gobble at loud sounds and when they settle in for the night.

Who makes the best gobbler call?

The Quaker Boy – Thunderbird Gobble Shaker is the best turkey gobble call. It is high – pitched and also easy to use. It can be operated using one or two hands.

What is a Super Jake turkey?

Super Jake This turkey is the jake you may have passed up last spring. His beard is now 6 or 7 inches long, his tail fan is full, and he’s nearly the two-year-old you’ll try to kill next spring. He’ll gobbler cluck, yelp, gobble on the roost, strut and work to your calls.

Why do turkeys gobble back at you?

Do hens and gobblers roost together?

Mature gobblers do not roost with the hens and younger birds, but they will roost nearby to keep tabs on the group. Depending on weather, they can stay together for a couple of hours before mature gobblers head off to their strutting zones while hens head off to nest, and the younger birds head off to feed.

What kind of call do you give a gobbler?

It is good to have several diaphragms, slates, and box calls. Sometimes the birds will especially like one call over another. The worst feeling in the world is not having the right call. Don’t be afraid to take a gobble call either, but be very careful using the gobbler call on public land.

Can a gobbler gobble back at a hen call?

It’s common for a gobbler to gobble back at hen calls, yet remain cemented in place. If you add in a gobble, cuts, aggressive yelps and fighting purrs, then you might just stir the pot enough for a gobbler to investigate in “Rocky” mode.

What to do with a Gobbler in late season?

Let’s face it, calling in the late season can be complicated. Gobblers seem to become picky with the hen music they respond to as the season winds down. Don’t stick with a call they are ignoring. If you hear a gobbler consistently answering a real hen – try to match her cadence and sound.

Can you use a gobble call on a Turkey?

Using a gobble call can sometimes increase success in your turkey game. Safety is a serious concern while using a gobbler call, so use common sense. It probably isn’t wise to use a gobble call in a heavily hunted public area.