How much is a pathfinder 2700?

How much is a pathfinder 2700?

Starts from MSRP $132,312 w/F300XSB.

How much is a regulator 26xo?

Pricing and Specs

Price: $134,995 (as tested)
Draft (engine up): 1’2″
Displacement (with engine): 5,900 lb.
Transom Deadrise: 17 degrees
Bridge Clearance: 9’0″

What does a Pathfinder 2200 weigh?

Features of the Pathfinder 2200 TE Weight (with engine): 3.075 lbs. Weight Capacity: 7 Pax (2,400 lbs.)

Where are Tidewaters made?

Lexington, SC
Manufactured in Lexington, SC, Tidewater offers bay boats and center consoles from 18 to 32 feet.

Who bought Pathfinder boats?

Malibu Boats
Malibu Boats acquired Maverick Boat Group, which comprises the Cobia, Pathfinder, Maverick, and Hewes brands, for about $150 million, funded with cash on hand and borrowings under its credit facility.

Who makes Blackjackboats?

K2 Marine
K2 Marine. The new company by legendary boat designers Bill and Gary Kenner. The manufacturer of both BlackJack Boats and Frontier Boats, K2 Marine delivers the quality, performance, and style you have come to expect from the Kenner family.

Does regulator make good boats?

Regulator’s solid, heavy hull slices through offshore chop and tames high seas, producing its “Legendary Ride” out to where the fishing’s best. Regulator Director of Engineering (and lifelong boater) David Clubbs proudly calls it “a great riding boat when things get sporty offshore.”

Where are regulator boats made?

Edenton, North Carolina
Regulator boats are assembled by highly-trained and skilled craftsmen who are celebrated for their commitment to detail. Our factory in Edenton, North Carolina has one of the most advanced lamination facilities in the world.

How much does a 24 foot Pathfinder weigh?


POWER BOATS Length Weight (lbs)
2200 TRS/CC(*) 22′ 2650
2300 HPS/CC(*) 24′ 3000
2400 TRS/CC(*) 24′ 2950
2500 HYBRID/CC(*) 25′ 3350

Where are sea born boats made?

CRI’s, skiffs, flats boats, center consoles and bay boats are manufactured in Blackshear, Georgia and distributed through a network of marine dealers which span the Southeast, Northeast, Gulf States and Central Texas.

Are Robalos good boats?

As one of America’s top manufacturers, Robalo offers a variety of fishing boats equipped with top-notch innovative features. Coming first in outstanding quality and performance, if fishing is a passion for you, you should consider them over many other brands.

Are Tidewaters good boats?

As a manufacturer that strives to produce to a price point, the Tidewater brand has issues common to other lower-priced manufacturers. The brand has seen some vocal detractors and loyal owners. For the price point, Tidewater Boats makes a decent boat.