How much does Byjus CAT cost?

How much does Byjus CAT cost?

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Name of the CAT Online Preparation Centre CAT online Preparation Fee
BYJU’s Learning App Rs.45,000
Mindworkzz Rs.34,700
Iquanta Rs. 17,999 Rs.26,000

How much does BYJU’s course cost?

No standard pricing: We paid 58K for the 4 grades (14500 per grade) including 10 in tablet. While their websites report 30K per grade.

Is Byju’s CAT preparation free?

Admission Counselling. With our objective to provide quality and convenient learning to all the CAT aspirants, we will regularly update the individuals with free CAT study material designed by India’s best CAT exam experts. Byju Raveendran and Santosh P.N. are known as the best faculties for CAT exam in India.

Is BYJU’s kit free?

Students across classes 1-12 can download and access BYJU’S learning programs for free until the end of April, BYJU’S said in a statement. Students with the pre-installed app (free version) will need to update it in order to access the complete learning content for free.

How can I make a CAT at home for free?

1. Rodha Education YouTube Channel – Rodha is the go-to YouTube channel for CAT aspirants for concept videos. You can learn all VA-RC, DI-LR and QA concepts for free on the Rodha YouTube channel. The channel promises to begin with basics and take the difficulty level of practice questions to 30% above that of CAT.

Which is best for CAT preparation?

One of the most important ways of preparing for the CAT VARC section is by reading as much as possible. Reading Speed plays a vital role in this section since the aspirant is expected to read and answer 5(4) passages apart from the 10(8) Verbal Ability Question (representing the CAT 2020 Exam Pattern).

Is CAT 2020 getting tough?

The analysis of CAT 2020 question papers of all three slots suggest that the exam was moderately difficult. According to CAT 2020 analysis by TIME, the overall difficulty level was moderate. VARC and DILR were tough, while QA was easy. Check detailed CAT 2020 paper analysis by T.I.M.E.

Can I study for CAT on my own?

Aspirants, who cannot attend daily classes, should opt for self-study. Yes, CAT exam preparation is possible through self-study. In fact, there are many CAT toppers, who have studied for the exam by self. Those who opt for self-study, must not worry about how to prepare for CAT 2021.

Who is the topper of BYJU’s?

Shravani Phalke, BYJU’S ICSE topper with 99 percent, shares her success story.

How much does it cost to take BYJU CAT coaching course?

But in BYJU’S complete CAT coaching course fees is less than 30,000. Hence it is a very cost-effective and time-saving approach towards CAT preparation.

How much does it cost for CAT coaching?

CAT coaching fees charged by most of the institutes is 50,000+ for 1 year. If students take only test series it ranges from 5000-10,000. But in BYJU’S complete CAT coaching course fees is less than 30,000.

How to pay for byjus for cat admission?

No need of internet. This course also assists the students with other MBA entrance exams such as CMAT, Snap, etc. You can pay using Paytm, Master or Visa Credit Card, Online and offline Bank Transfer, or pay at any of their centres by card or cash (call 09243500460 for more details).

Which is the best CAT coaching institute in Delhi?

This has put BYJU’S in among the most preferred MBA preparation course in the country. BYJU’S has reformed the face of CAT coaching in Delhi, providing an exclusive CAT exam preparation module to the students covering all important sections and topics.