How do you use a portable spirometer?

How do you use a portable spirometer?

To use the Aluna spirometer, you place your mouth on the breathing tube and exhale as hard and as long as your lungs allow until all air exits your lungs. It is not necessary to do this multiple times in a row, which saves you from becoming lightheaded or dizzy.

How much does a spirometry machine cost?

The average price of a good spirometer is about $2000. It should last about 10 years and can pay for itself in weeks. Remember, having a higher quality product means less cost in the long run.

How often should a spirometer be calibrated?

Guidelines from the the Association for Respiratory Technology and Physiology (ARTP) recommend that calibration of spirometry test equipment should be performed prior to each clinic/session or after every 10th patient, whichever comes first.

Which brand is best for spirometer?

Deepesh Agarwal

  • 1 RMS HELIOS 702 Portable Spirometer. ₹100,000.00 ₹72,000.00.
  • 2 CONTEC SP10BT Digital Spirometer Lung Breathing Diagnostic Spirometry. ₹55,000.00 ₹25,000.00.
  • 3 Clarity SpiroTech spirometer.
  • 4 Contec SP100 Spirometer, Portable PFT Machine. ₹85,000.00 ₹57,600.00.

Is a spirometer good for asthma?

Spirometry helps diagnose and manage asthma. And it helps your healthcare provider decide on your treatment. A spirometry test can also show how well your treatment is working. If follow-up spirometry tests show that your asthma is well controlled, your treatment is working.

Why choose easyone® air portable spirometer?

Utilizing TrueFlow™ technology, this portable spirometer delivers reliable results without the need for calibration to ensure lifetime worry-free operation. Thanks to the vivid color touch screen, it is easy to navigate, view real-time results and enter data. EasyOne ® Air can be used as a portable or as a PC spirometer.

How is the easy on-PC spirometry sensor connected to my computer?

The Easy on-PC spirometry sensor is directly connected via USB to your workstation where EasyOne Connect software is installed. This software includes all advanced spirometry functionality at no extra charge and fulfills ATS/ERS 2005 and 2019 standards.

What can I do with the spirometer data?

Data from the spirometer is synchronized with the PC database, allowing you to print to any printer connected to that PC or network. EasyOne Connect also allows you to view, trend and create PDF reports. It is also possible to send pdf reports directly to a connected PC via file exchange.

How do I use easyone® air?

Regardless of location, environment or number of tests you will perform, EasyOne® Air will exceed your expectations. Use EasyOne® Air in portable mode, where the data is stored and the graph is displayed directly on the device, or use it in PC mode for more options.