How do you get to oeschinensee Lake?

How do you get to oeschinensee Lake?

The easiest way to reach the Oeschinensee lake is by gondola, which is located in Kandersteg. By car: Get yourself to Kandersteg and follow signs to the Oeschinensee cable car (Oeschistrasse 50, 3718 Kandersteg).

Can you swim in Lake oeschinensee?

People who love to swim, nature lovers and hikers can really enjoy themselves here. Lake Oeschinen lies at the foot of the Blüemlisalp. Situated 1,578 meter above sea level, it is one of the larger Alpine Lakes.

Where is oeschinensee located?

Oeschinen Lake (German: Oeschinensee) is a lake in the Bernese Oberland, Switzerland, 4 kilometres (2.5 mi) east of Kandersteg in the Oeschinen valley. At an elevation of 1,578 metres (5,177 ft), it has a surface area of 1.1147 square kilometres (0.4304 sq mi)….

Oeschinen Lake
Frozen December to May

Can you drive to Oeschinen Lake?

Lake Oeschinen cannot be reached by car! From there you can get directly to the railway. Approach from the Lötschberg car transport: Follow the signs to Kandersteg and stay on the main road.

How do I get to Kandersteg?

You can reach Kandersteg main station from Zurich Flughafen (Airport) train station in about 2 hours and 20 mins by train. Trains with connections from the airport to Kandersteg depart every 30 mins. For current train timetables and tickets visit websites of swiss railway companies SBB or BLS.

Can you swim in Lake blausee?

Swimming is therefore strictly forbidden, but visitors can savour these delicacies at the lake’s shore. Those who want to explore the water can do so by glass-bottom boat.

Why is Swiss water so blue?

Lake Brienz (Brienzersee in Swiss) displays beautiful turquoise and emerald hues, colors often associated with shallow Caribbean waters. Its beautiful colors result from glacial particles known as “rock flour” that reflect the blue-green sector of the light spectrum. …

Why is blausee blue?

Turquoise and crystal clear water Because of a landslide 15,000 years ago, dissapearing glaciers left holes in the ground of the Kander valley. The Blausee is fed by groundwater from the Kander river. And because of its clarity, the water gets its unusual deep blue color.

Where is the Oeschinen Lake in Switzerland located?

Oeschinen Lake lies in the Kandertal valley in Bernese Oberland region of Switzerland. If you love swimming, rowing, fishing and a barbeque by the lake, or just the breathtaking Alpine views, then this place must be on top of your Switzerland Bucketlist.

Which is the best way to visit Oeschinensee?

The lake is accessible by a gondola and short hike. Here is the summer hiking map for the Oeschinensee area above Kandersteg. From Kandersteg, take the cable car up the mountain. At the top of the cable car, you’ll find the alpine slide and toilets but not much else.

How to get to Oeschinen Lake from Kandersteg?

Oeschinensee is accessible by foot from Kandersteg within 1.5 hours. The cable car operates in summer and winter season daily from mornings till evenings – non stop. In summer enjoy swimming in the lake, boat rides on the blue and clear water or…more. Suggested duration: More than 3 hours.

Is it safe to camp in Oeschinen Lake?

Oeschinen Lake is nature, plant protection and wildlife reserve. So camping is prohibited around the lake. But you can set up your tent in a beautiful campground called Rendez-Vous campsite. This is just 50 meters from the gondola – Kandersteg cable car. You can find more information about the prices here.