How do you get all the Minikits in Lego Batman 2?

How do you get all the Minikits in Lego Batman 2?

To get the minikits, you’ll need to first complete the campaign, and then play through each mission in Free Play mode for collecting the minikits….For collecting these minikits, you’ll need the following additional characters:

  1. Aquaman.
  2. Cyborg.
  3. Green Lantern.
  4. Lex Luthor.
  5. Man-Bat.
  6. Poison Ivy.
  7. The Joker.
  8. The Penguin.

How do you complete a chemical crisis?

In this mission you have to watch out for chemicals on the ground (to clean them up you have to use hazard suit). Move to the right side and destroy a bottle and other items near the corner (picture). After that use bricks to build a lever and pull it to get access to the Robin’s suit.

How do I charge my electric suit in Lego Batman 2?

Electric charge locations.

  1. climb the ladder on the 2nd bridge & use zip-line to get to charge.
  2. near the first bridge to the right of the bridge (if you are heading towards the power station).
  3. near the Roller Coaster is a bumper car ride.

How many Lego Batman 2 levels are there?

15 missions
Through the 15 missions in the LEGO Batman 2 campaign, there are 10 mini-kit items that can be found in each by performing some crafty tricks and using various character powers.

How long is the Lego Batman 2 story mode?


Single-Player Polled Average
Main Story 129 9h 30m
Main + Extras 66 16h 24m
Completionists 118 25h 08m
All PlayStyles 313 16h 51m

What is a chemical signature?

Chemical signature is. defined as: “A unique pattern produced by an analytical. instrument, such as a spectrometer, indicating the presence. of a particular molecule in a test sample.”[ 2].

How do you get to the bonus level in LEGO Batman 2?

To start bonus level you have to pick up 175 gold bricks and unlock Clark Kent. You will find entrance to this level in the centre of central island in park (location is marked with golden brick). To start this level use gold bricks to build a gate (picture) and pass through it.

Who can walk through poison in LEGO Batman?

Freeze can walk through toxic waste.

How do you change suits in LEGO Batman?

You can swap in and out of your suits via the suit changers. Suit upgrades tack on extra cool abilities to the existing suit, making them potentially more useful and fun to use. In order to get suit upgrades, you need to collect red power bricks and obtain them in exchange for studs.

What to do in chemical crisis Lego Batman 2?

Power the console by the large computer screen you use to shut off the cold valves then use the Ball Socket to click the new icon. (Free Play) Destroy the gold object just to the right of the flaming Joker face. Use Green Lantern’s power on the green goo vat. (Free Play) Use magnet power to open the large shutter in the floor.

Where do you get minikits in Lego Batman 2?

#01 – At the beginning of the chase destroy the jeep. #02 – At the beginning of the chase you will see an advertisement of the film on the building – destroy it. #03 – During the chase you will see searchlights. Destroy 10 of them and you will get minikit.

Where does Batman get trapped in chemical crisis?

A Gotham citizen is trapped in a fiery room near the start of the area where Superman shows up. Use the Bat Suit to destroy the glass to the right of the room then chuck a Batarang to turn all three valves at once. (Free Play) In the first area, fly up, up and away to destroy the gold plate on a ceiling pipe.

How to block gas leak in Lego Batman 2?

Use bricks to build a platform, use trackball on it and move cursor at the picture in the left top part of the screen and press H (repeat it with picture in the right down corner) (picture). It will block gas leaking from overhead pipes. Use stairs on the left to get there and continue to the right. In some moment you will encounter orange handle.