How do I fix the blue screen of death Windows XP?

How do I fix the blue screen of death Windows XP?

Follow these instructions to fix this error in Windows XP:

  1. Fix #1: Remove viruses.
  2. Fix #2: Run chkdsk.
  3. Fix #3: Recover the Windows XP registry.
  4. Fix #4: Check or remove hardware.
  5. Fix #5: Reboot into Last Known Good Configuration.
  6. Fix #6: Reconfigure the boot.ini.
  7. Method #1: Check or remove hardware.

Does Blue Screen of Death mean I need a new computer?

Most people who use PCs have heard of the “Blue Screen of Death”, but the blue screen isn’t the terrifying problem that it once was. Getting a blue screen doesn’t mean that your computer is toast. Still, the blue screen is often a sign that there is a deeper issue with your PC that needs to be repaired.

Should I worry about BSOD?

Generally, you only have to worry if it becomes persistent. An occasional blue screen is nothing to worry about. If you are concerned, look up the error code and see if you can find the cause of the blue screen. Blue Screen View might help you track it down.

How much does it cost to fix a blue screen?

For example, the cost to fix a computer screen is about $320, but fixing a virus or malware issue is about $100….Laptop and computer repair prices.

Computer or laptop problem Average pricing
Virus or malware $100
System error or blue screen $150
Slow computer performance $210

How do I restore Windows XP?

From the Start button menu, choose All Programs→Accessories→System Tools→System Restore. The main System Restore window is displayed. Choose the option Restore My Computer to an Earlier Time. Click the Next button.

How do I create a system repair disk for Windows XP?

To create the bootable diskette for Windows XP, follow these steps:

  1. Boot into Windows XP.
  2. Insert the diskette in the floppy disk.
  3. Go to My Computer.
  4. Right-click on the floppy disk drive.
  5. Click Format.
  6. Check the Create an MS-DOS startup disk option at the Format options section.
  7. Click Start.
  8. Wait for the process to finish.

Is blue screen of death a virus?

Blue screen of death (BSOD) If your PC crashes regularly, it’s usually either a technical problem with your system or a malware infection. You might not have installed the latest drivers for your device or the programs you’re running could possibly be incompatible with your hardware.