Do QAD rests wear out?

Do QAD rests wear out?

You could be right about the timing, but he said it was done a year and a half ago and he’s shot thousands or arrows through it. I’ve had several QAD rests, the felt does not last forever. In this particular instance, the felt alone wearing does not mean it’s out of time, it just wore out.

Why is my fletching hitting drop away rest?

If fletchings are hitting your equipment, you’ll get poor arrow flight and loose fletchings. Improper nock rotation, an improperly tuned bow and bad drop away rest timing will all cause contact. If powder is missing on the low side of the arrow, you need to adjust the nock point.

How do drop away rests work?

There are a couple varieties, but essentially the drop-away rests hold your arrow upright through the draw cycle, and then fall out of the way as the arrow leaves the bow. This means there is nothing to impact its flight.

Where are QAD rests made?

ol’ USA
ULTRAREST arrow rests are 100% designed and manufactured in the good ol’ USA. Our arrow rests include a combination of innovative features you will not find in any other rest.

How do I adjust QAD Hunter rest?

There’s only one way to actually raise the Hunter series rest. That would be to loosen the mounting screw just enough so the mounting block will move up. You can loosen the screw for the windage adjustment and rotate the rest towards the aft of the bow but it won’t do a whole lot.

Are whisker biscuits good?

It is true the Whisker Biscuit slightly reduces the speed and accuracy of your arrow. It’s worth noting the difference is so minuscule that most shooters won’t notice. The whiskers can put stress on the arrow vanes, so you may need to re-fletch your arrows after multiple shots.

How do you tie in QAD rest?


  1. Set the rest centershot.
  2. loosen the screw in the thumb wheel and pull 3/4″ of cord through the thumb wheel.
  3. Tighten the screw back down.
  4. Serve 1″ of serving on the down cable at the level of the bottom of your grip.
  5. Either press and insert the rest cord through the cable or tie a d-loop knot below the serving.

Are drop away rests more accurate?

Although the drop away rest is typically considered more accurate than the Whisker Biscuit, the relevant question to a hunter is whether the difference is substantial enough to warrant the use of one over the other.

Should I get a drop away rest?

If you make only one major change to your hunting bow this summer, make it a drop-away arrow rest. I can think of no other single tweak to an existing bowhunting outfit that will make as big a difference to accuracy and bowhunting efficiency. The drop-away rest makes any bow more accurate.

What are the most common problems with the QAD ultra rest HDX?

Fletching contact is the biggest problem that archers are likely to encounter with the QAD Ultra Rest HDX. We would be doing a disservice to anyone reading if we didn’t point out that this can be an issue. However, this problem really only happens when the rest is not installed and tuned properly.

What is the best drop away arrow rest on the market?

The QAD Ultra Rest HDX is by far the most popular drop away arrow rest on the market today. Nothing else even comes close. This rest has a solid design that has been proven over and over again by hunters and archers every year.

How do you use the QAD HDX?

The QAD HDX is a pretty simple drop away arrow rest. It is cable driven as opposed to limb driven which means that the activation cord attaches to the down cable on the bow. To operate the HDX you simply nock an arrow and then use the thumb knob to cock the rest in the up position.

How do you set the length of a QAD string?

The qad instructions tell you to set the length this way. First cock the rest as you would when loading an arrow so it is upright. The little plastic clamp that attaches to one of your cables has a screw in it. Lossen this a litttle so you can slide the clamp down till the string from the rest is tight.