Can you tour the Sahara Desert?

Can you tour the Sahara Desert?

It takes an entire day, at least, to get to the Sahara from either city. However, if you’re short on time or simply aren’t charmed by the idea of camping out under the stars, it is perfectly possible to explore the Sahara Desert during the day without having to spend the night in the desert.

How do I get to the Sahara Desert?

There are several options from Marrakech into the Sahara Desert, bus, helicopter or car. Most travelers choose to go by car with a private driver. A car will cover the 249 miles (561 km) in roughly 9 hours. Leaving Marrakech on the N9 Highway you will soon be in the High Atlas Mountains.

Which country is best for Sahara Desert?

The two best countries with the most tourist opportunies are Morocco and Egypt. Sailing down the Nile is one way to see something of the Sahara Desert. You will also see ancient villages built millennia ago.

Why do tourists visit the Sahara Desert?

1. The beauty and tranquillity. …of the Sahara is unsurpassed, and the scale and sight of a clear 360° horizon is awesome. The landscape changes constantly and is anything but bare and barren, with high dunes, low dunes, wells and dry oases.

Is the Sahara desert safe?

The dunes that we usually recommend for our travelers the Erg Chebbi dunes, near Merzouga. They are in Southeastern Morocco and are very safe. There are no “rebels” in the area. This is not the area that is being discussed in the paragraph by the United States Department of State.

Is the Sahara Desert safe?

How much does it cost to go to the Sahara Desert?

In terms of spending for attractions, you can expect to pay about $450 which includes the Sahara Desert tour.

Are there lions in the Sahara?

No, lions are found farther south on the African continent. However, they once roamed the Sahara desert. They were made extinct in this area by…

What is the weather like in the Sahara?

The Sahara is dominated by two climatic regimes: a dry subtropical climate in the north and a dry tropical climate in the south. The dry subtropical climate is characterized by unusually high annual and diurnal temperature ranges, cold to cool winters and hot summers, and two precipitation maximums.

What to bring to the Sahara Desert of Morocco?

Packing Advice for Women and Men Loose fitting comfortable pants/trousers OR jeans (for women | for men) Underwear that are briefs not a thong. Long sleeve, loose fitting top A long scarf that you can wrap around your face to protect from sun/sand. Sunglasses A hat, again for the shade Socks Tennis shoes or hiking boots, not a good idea to wear sandals on the camels.

the Sahara desert in Morocco is very safe for travelers, I personally have visited the desert as a female traveler with group tours and organized many tours and never had a safety issue.

Is Cairo in the Sahara Desert?

The Sahara Desert actually starts on the western edge of the greater Cairo metropolis in Egypt. The Pyramids of Giza, which for the most part mark the end of the urban sprawl of Cairo and Giza, have traditionally marked the far eastern border of the Sahara.