Can you play chess with the Harry Potter Lego set?

Can you play chess with the Harry Potter Lego set?

LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Wizard’s Chess (76392) is an enchanting and endlessly entertaining gift for any child with a passion for Harry Potter or playing chess. Includes an exclusive, golden Severus Snape minifigure to celebrate 20 years of magic with LEGO Harry Potter.

How many pieces are in the LEGO Harry Potter chess set?

Customer Review: LEGO 76392 Harry Potter Hogwarts Wizard’s Chess Set & Board Game Toy, with 20th Anniversary Colle……Product Information.

Educational Objective(s) ‎Creative Thinking, Social Skills, Imagination Development, Problem Solving Skills, STEM
Number of pieces ‎876

Does Lego make a chess set?

Use classic LEGO® bricks to build your own chess board and then build all the playing pieces too. This set is ideal to take and play wherever you like, as the pieces store conveniently inside the board. It can also be used to play checkers. Includes a buildable chessboard and buildable playing pieces.

How do you beat the chess game in Lego Harry Potter?

Near the top of the shaft, fire magic spells at the insects that hold the massive key aloft. (Right Image) When you step onto the chess board, hop onto the black horse piece and then the black rook piece. Ride them, then use magic on other pieces to keep the battle going until one side wins.

What is wizard’s chess?

Wizard’s Chess was the magical variant of the classic board game Chess, in which the pieces were enchanted to move of their own accord when commanded by the player.

How many pieces are in a wizard set chess Hogwarts mystery?

The Harry Potter Wizard Chess Set includes 32 moulded plastic chess pieces (each inspired by the grand statues seen in the film), and a folding playing board. Chess pieces measure between 5 to 10 cm, playing board measures 47cm square.

How long does it take to build Lego chess set?

It took about 3 hours to find enough pieces to make 2 full 16 piece sets to make a chess set that had some kind of coordination going on.

When did Lego Chess come out?

Lego Chess
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows
Release 11 November 1998
Genre(s) Strategy
Mode(s) Single-player, multiplayer

Is wizard chess real?

You can now play wizard’s chess in real life with this automated chess board. There is now an automated chess board that can move a virtual opponent’s pieces on its own! So, get ready to stay in and play chess for hours at a time.

Is there a chess set for Harry Potter?

LEGO® Harry Potter™ Hogwarts™ Wizard’s Chess (76392) combines an endlessly enjoyable board game with magical role play for fans of the popular movies. Authentic chess set from the wizarding world This fascinating chess set provides young witches and wizards with 2 ways to play and stretch their imaginations.

How good is the build quality of the Lego Chess Set?

The build quality of this is amazing , The classic lego style plus Harry potter means that this chess set is an exceptional item . The chess board once made measures at 27cm by 27cm and the chess pieces are sturdy and stand well on their own .

What is included in the Harry Potter 20th anniversary Lego set?

The set includes Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley minifigures to inspire kids’ creative enjoyment. To celebrate 20 years of magic with LEGO Harry Potter, the set also includes an exclusive, golden Professor Severus Snape minifigure and 3 random wizard card tiles for kids to collect.

Can Harry Potter win a magical chess game?

Harry Potter™, Hermione Granger™ and Ron Weasley™ must win a magical chess game to stop Voldemort™ stealing the Philosopher’s Stone. Wizard Chess isn’t just a game.