Can you breed dojo loaches?

Can you breed dojo loaches?

Since weather loaches are cool water fishes, they require a trigger to start the breeding process. This can be accomplished through keeping the weather loaches in a room that has low temperatures in the winter and spring, and changing the amount of light that they receive in the spring.

What fish get along with Dojo loaches?

Thanks to their peaceful nature, Dojo Loaches do just fine in community tanks too. They will actually exhibit signs of socialization with other non-aggressive fish….Dojo Loach Tank Mates

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How can you tell a male dojo loach from a female?

Males have longer more pointed pectoral fins. Both sexes can get “fat”, lol, but females more so.

How many dojo loaches are in a tank?

The dojo loach is undemanding in terms of keeping in a tank; it is active and peaceful, but it may prey on juveniles or eat fish eggs. You can keep just one fish in a tank, but they feel more comfortable in a company of its kind.

Do dojo loaches bite?

I have never been bitten. Mine are almost six inches long for the biggest. I always tell people, any animals with a mouth can bite.

Are dojo loaches blind?

Most loaches have pretty good eyesight in my experience. Dojos use their barbels for sensing food and their surroundings, but not as a substitute for vision.

Do dojo loaches like current?

Re: flow and temp for weather loaches The dojos don’t have any problem at all with the current. They rest themselves right up in the floating plants at the surface and just hang out motionless in them.

Can dojo loaches live with Cory catfish?

There is no fighting, no predation; they are fine together. In addition as bottom feeders go, I also have Clown loaches and Bristlenose catfish, otocinclus catfish and my Siamese Algae Eater often frequents to bottom of the tank. All of these fish live quite happily together. I think you will have no problems.

Do dojo loaches clean tanks?

I have found that keeping the Dojo Loach in pairs or groups is better as they are great for cleaning up your tank. Breeding them can be difficult. Give them a lower temprature, provide sand, lots of plants and feed them bloodworms.

Will Dojo loaches eat smaller fish?

They are sure to enjoy all of these different varieties of food. They also eat the smaller fish that are in the tank, so it is close to impossible to put smaller fish in the tank with the loaches.

Is a dojo loach aggressive?

Are dojo loaches aggressive? While more dojo loaches are very peaceful and even playful towards other fish, some hobbyists have had problems with their fish being overly active and nipping at fins.

What do you call a dojo loach tank mate?

We also shed light on how you can select the appropriate tank-mates for them. The Dojo Loach has many varied names – the Pond Loach, Weather loach, or weatherfish. In addition, this is named depending on where it is found – the Japanese Loach or the Chinese Loach.

How much does a dojo loach fish cost?

Dojo Loach. The Dojo Loach is a fairly popular fish in the aquarium trade usually costing anywhere from $8 – $15 US Dollars. The Dojo Loach is sometimes called the Weather Loach because of its reported behavior when the barometric pressure drops.

Can a dojo loach live at a higher temperature?

The loach can live at higher temperature, but it shortens its lifespan as well as the fish is more prone to various infections at such conditions. It is important to keep in mind that this isn’t a tropical fish and it shouldn’t be kept at tank conditions which are extreme and unusual to it.

Can a yoyo loach be used in a freshwater tank?

A smaller sized loach that does well in many freshwater setups. The Yoyo Loach (Botia almorhae) is a very active and friendly fish that makes a good addition to any community aquarium. © – providing tropical fish tank and aquarium information for freshwater fish and saltwater fish keepers.