Are there any anime references in The Simpsons?

Are there any anime references in The Simpsons?

The Simpsons has never been a stranger to anime references. Whether it was a gaggle jokes in the iconic “Thirty Minutes Over Tokyo“, or the company’s amazing Hayao Miyazaki tribute early this year [1], the company’s never been one to look away from anime’s overall influence.

Did The Simpsons reference Attack on Titan?

The episode’s title is a parody of the Attack on Titan manga and anime series. The episode’s Japanese title is also a parody of the Japanese Attack on Titan title. Technically speaking, it was the first episode of The Simpsons to be made in the Japanese anime form.

What episode do The Simpsons dress up as anime characters?

‘Tis the Fifteenth Season

“‘Tis the Fifteenth Season”
Original air date December 14, 2003
Episode features
Couch gag The family members fly in dressed as popular anime characters (Bart as Astro Boy, Homer as Ultraman, Lisa as Sailor Moon, Marge as Jun from Science Ninja Team Gatchaman and Maggie as Pikachu from Pokémon).

What Simpsons episode has anime?

The Simpsons has introduced a new anime version of Homer in its Treehouse of Horror XXXI episode that aired last Sunday on Fox.

Was Levi in The Simpsons?

Levi Bernstein is the son of Pepita Hernandez and Romeo Bernstein and the grand nephew of Charles Montgomery Burns. He is a cousin of Simpson Children and making a distant niece to Homer and Marge.

What are good anime names?

What are cute anime names?

  • Masashi: commander or general.
  • Michi: a righteous way.
  • Natsu: born in summer.
  • Katsu: victorious.
  • Noburu: to expand.
  • Nori: a belief.
  • Osamu: discipline or study.
  • Raiden: thunder and lightning.

Was Zoro in The Simpsons?

During the Simpsons’ latest Halloween themed episode, Season 26 Episode 4’s “Treehouse of Horror XXV”, the Simpsons appeared on screen as numerous famous Japanese popular culture figures such as Zoro from “One Piece” (Homer), Naruto from “Naruto” (Bart), Mikasa from “Attack on Titan” (Lisa), Pikachu from “Pokemon” ( …

Is Mr Burns Rupert Murdoch?

Is Burns a portrait of Murdoch? Not as such. Rather he is a portrait of the power of money unfettered, which may amount to the same thing. Murdoch himself has appeared on the programme, introducing himself as follows: “I’m Rupert Murdoch, the billionaire tyrant.” Groening said he performed the line enthusiastically.

Does Comic Book Guy get married?

Kumiko Nakamura
Comic Book Guy/Spouse

Does Comic Book Guy stay married?

Comic Book Guy finds out that his competitor Milo (the owner of Coolsville) is now married to his girlfriend, Strawberry. Comic Book Guy cries and sings a song about him being lonely his entire life. Suddenly, an imaginary Stan Lee appears to Comic Book Guy and tells him that he has another chance in love.

What episode of The Simpsons has Levi in it?

Trash of the Titans

“Trash of the Titans”
Episode no. Season 9 Episode 22
Directed by Jim Reardon
Written by Ian Maxtone-Graham
Production code 5F09

What episode of Simpsons has AOT?

Are there any other references to the Simpsons?

The popularity and impact of The Simpsons has led to the series being references in various other media. Aaahh!!! Real Monsters American Dad! Jeopardy! Married…

When do the new episodes of the Simpsons air?

It’s great to see the show acknowledge Miyazaki, Ghibli, and the anime genre as a whole again. It only reinforces that anime is part of the new mainstream cultural map, which the Simpsons has been charting for decades. The Simpsons airs new episodes Sunday nights on Fox.

What did The Simpsons say about Hayao Miyazaki?

Simpsons Miyazaki tribute, annotated: Anime episode says goodbye to Hayao Miyazaki–here are the references. (VIDEO) Update, Jan. 9, 2014: We’ve put together a video annotating all the references: Master animator and filmmaker Hayao Miyazaki has said goodbye to the film world with what he’s announced is his last animated feature, The Wind Rises.

When did Kumiko first appear on the Simpsons?

The 2014 episode “Married to the Blob” served as the introduction of the Kumiko character, and her odd-pair romance with Comic Book Guy. During that episode, Homer takes Kumiko’s dad out for drinks at a Japanese bar, to help smooth things over between the father and Comic Book Guy.