Are the JE DAII canon?

Are the JE DAII canon?

The Je’daii are canon again, according to the Force and Destiny: Nexus of Power. This ties into the Force and Destiny Beginner’s Game which made Tython canon again.

Is Ashla in Ahsoka?

Ashla became Anakin’s Padawan, Ahsoka. In the decade since her introduction in the theatrical release of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Ahsoka Tano has grown up before our eyes. The scrappy Togruta, nicknamed “Snips” by her master, bounded onscreen with fresh energy and optimism that Anakin was sorely lacking.

Who came before the Jedi?

Ancient times. The Jedi Order began with the Prime Jedi a thousand generations before the Battle of Yavin. The precursors of the Jedi were the Dai Bendu, but the Jedi Order itself was founded in the distant past on planet Ahch-To by the Prime Jedi.

What is the last line of the JE DAII code?

There is no fear, there is power. I am the heart of the Force.

Who built the first lightsaber?

The First Blade was an ancient weapon that served as the foundation for all modern lightsabers. It was designed by an ancient Je’daii Master known as the Weapon Master and kept on Tython by droids for millennia.

What did the JE DAII order value most?

The Je’daii Order’s primarily philosophy was that of the Balance—because of Tython’s intense reactions to imbalance in the Force, the Je’daii strived to maintain personal balance between the light and dark sides of the Force.

What was the Code of the Je’daii Order?

The Je’daii Code, also known as the Je’daii Oath, was the code of the Je’daii Order.

How does the Je’daii Order work on Tython?

The Order’s presence on Tython was distributed between nine Temples, each of which was presided over by a Je’daii Temple Master. In order to gain mastery in the Order, all Je’daii were expected to travel to each of the Temples to hone different skills.

How did the Je’daii become the Dai Bendu?

The light defined the dark as the dark did the light. When balance was not maintained, Tython reacted to the imbalance with severe storms and quakes. And so the travelers defined themselves, ever seeking a balance. They became the Je’daii, a Dai Bendu term meaning “mystic center.”

How did the Je’daii gain mastery in the Order?

In order to gain mastery in the Order, all Je’daii were expected to travel to each of the Temples to hone different skills. The Order was led by a Council of Masters, consisting of the nine Temple Masters, which decided important matters and directed the Order.