3 Business Ideas You Could Start with a Drone

3 Business Ideas You Could Start with a Drone

What if you could make money doing something you love? Would that be considered work?

Many drone enthusiasts are answering that question for themselves by taking the drones they love and building businesses around them.

You can do the same. In this post, we’re going to take a look at 3 simple business ideas you could start in the drone space. For even more ideas, Dronesvilla.com published over 25 on their site.

Selling Drones

One of the easiest ways to make money with drones is to sell them. This is a drone idea that anybody should be able come up with off the top of their heads.

With the demand for drones steadily on the rise all over the world, someone has to step into the gap to supply. And that person could be you, in exchange for a nice bit of profit.

And there are several ways you can go about selling your drones and making money.

You could decide to sell them only online and, by so doing, reduce some of the overhead and other costs associated with starting and running the business.

Several businesses on the web already function this way and that model does not seem to be going anywhere so long as people continue making purchases over the internet.

You could also decide to set up a brick and mortar store and sell your drones the traditional way to the local population.

If you live in an area where there are many drone users and interest in the industry is high, you could create a robust drone business this way.

And finally, you could choose to set up a business that sells drones both online and offline. Going for a hybrid like this could help extend your reach, while giving you the chance to become a known provider in your local area.

You can make a lot of money with drone retail by buying devices at wholesale prices from manufacturers, and then reselling at higher retail prices.

And to increase your profit margins you could sell drone accessories to go along with the devices. Drone operators are always going to be in need of an extra set of batteries, bags and cases, LED lights, and others.

Drone Photography and Videography

The rapid improvement that drone cameras have enjoyed over the years makes drone photography and videography a viable business choice for anyone who has the required camera skills.

As a drone photographer you will never run short of events where you skills will be needed. With your drone photography skills, you can come up with shots, footage, and albums that transcend what people normally associate with photography.

As you can imagine, this space is very competitive, but that is simply because the demand for drone photographs is high. If you have the required skill set, there is no reason why you should not be able to establish a business, grow a client base, and make a nice income for yourself. Of course, it will also help if you have the best technology and equipment, which includes the DJI Air 2 s. But without knowing how to use it effectively, even the best equipment is useless.

Like with any other business, you stand a good chance of making a name for yourself if you niche down and offer your services to a narrow market.

Easy niches you can break into and establish your drone photography business include:

  • Real estate
  • Music concerts and festivals
  • Weddings
  • Sports events

Drone photography is taking these niches by storm, and you can leverage that fact to make a killing. People are always willing to pay a premium for niche services as opposed to general services.

Drone videographers and filmmakers are also enjoying a purple patch as demand for their services soar. What these mean is that drones like DJI Phantom 4 RTK have made it possible to carry out rapid surveys and inspections without the need for many human actors on the ground. Not only is this cost-friendly, it also keeps personnel safe from harm.

As drone capabilities and camera qualities improve, many project managers are making plans that realistically involve the use of drones for footage and video.

Traditionally, helicopters were used for aerial footage, and the high costs of this acted as a deterrent. But today, with the falling costs of drones and their improved camera quality, even amateurs on a low budget can realistically hope for top notch aerial footage.

That is all good news for you who runs a drone videography business.

Because of their flexibility in the air drones have taken film making to a whole new level. And as a drone photographer, you can make a living for yourself by putting your services at the disposal of those who wish to leverage these opportunities that drones bring.

Drone videography businesses have many options where their services could be put to good use, including advertisements, promotions, real estate, alternative media, and even feature length movies.

You can even merge your videography skills with photography skills to produce iconic photo and video albums at events like sports tournaments, music concerts, and weddings.

Surveying and Inspection

There are a few things that make drones ideal for inspection and surveying.

First of all, they operate from the air and can cover a wide area quickly.

Secondly, they can be equipped with specialist equipment like thermal cameras and other data gathering equipment for inspection purposes.

And finally, they can be controlled remotely.

What these mean is that drones have made it possible to carry out rapid surveys and inspections without the need for many human actors on the ground. Not only is this cost-friendly, it also keeps personnel safe from harm.

As a drone inspection expert, you can take advantage of this increasing demand for drones for survey and inspection. This is one of the most sought after drone services today and you can easily set up a business that operates in niche spaces including mining, agriculture, construction, insurance, real estate, mapping, security, archeology, and others.