Who won Brock Lesnar vs Undertaker?

Who won Brock Lesnar vs Undertaker?

Taker tore apart the ring canvas to plant Lesnar atop the wooden boards for a shockingly close nearfall. Undertaker looked to end the match, but Lesnar returned the favour by connecting with a devastating low blow. One more F5, and Brock Lesnar recorded his third clean win over the Deadman.

Did Brock Lesnar break The Undertaker’s hand?

Lesnar picked up a propane tank and broke Undertaker’s arm with it. The Undertaker screamed in pain as he held his right arm. Undertaker may be a deadman bleeding but Brock Lesnar truly was a dead man walking. His Judgment Day was coming.

How many times has Brock Lesnar defeated?

Brock Lesnar
By decision 1
Losses 3
By knockout 2
By submission 1

How many matches Undertaker lose?

It was a moment in time, the most shocking outcome to a match in pro wrestling history. After 21 years and a 21-0 win-loss record, Undertaker had suffered his first defeat on the grandest stage in sports entertainment. No one ever expected to see him lose. The Streak, like his character, was immortal.

How did Undertaker break his hand?

Undertaker tried to rally and at one point attempted to hit Lesnar with the steel steps, but his injured hand stopped him from lifting them. Lesnar took that opportunity to hit Undertaker with the stairs multiple times, causing him to bleed.

Who is better undertaker or John Cena?

The Undertaker is better than John Cena. He is probably one of the very best of all time, in my opinion, top 1 or 2 of all time. The Undertaker has been in the WWE for nearly 3 decades. He is one of the most respected guys in the locker room, and has put on stellar performances every time.

Is Brock Lesnar really strong?

Apart from the scripted Professional Wrestling, Brock is a legitimate former Mixed Martial Arts champ in the UFC . Even if he wasn’t, the guy has pumped enough iron to have more strength than the average Joe. He was a decorated NCAA wrestler as well – so I think it’s safe to say that he is indeed really strong.

What happened to Brock Lesnar from the WWE?

Brock Lesnar is reportedly in talks with WWE to make his return soon. The Beast has not been seen since WrestleMania 36 when he dropped the world championship to Drew McIntyre in the main event. His absence, in part, is likely down to the ‘no fan’ pandemic era that sports entertainment has been working through for the last 15 months.

Is Brock Lesnar done with WWE?

Brock Lesnar is likely done with WWE after Wrestlemania 34 according to Paul Heyman . Heyman told the New York Post as much on Tuesday when asked if the Wrestlemania bout with Roman Reigns would be Lesnar’s last with the company: It’s most likely the answer to that is yes.