Who was the founder of the Peugeot company?

Who was the founder of the Peugeot company?

Retrieved 2020-04-07. 1 These cars were marketed as “Lion-Peugeots”, produced by what was till 1910 a separate Peugeot company, run by cousins of Armand Peugeot, then in charge of the principal automobile business. In 1910, Armand having no sons of his own, it was agreed that the two branches of the Peugeot business be reunited.

What’s the name of the Peugeot concept car?

Concept vehicles Vehicle Name Segment Designer Display Related Vehicles Quasar S Paul Bracq Gèrard Welter 1984 Paris Motor Show 205 T16 RC S 2002 Geneva Motor Show 4002 S Stefan Schulze 2003 Geneva Motor Show Hoggar J 2003 Geneva Motor Show Hoggar

When does Peugeot come back to the US?

By the time the French brand lands in the US again, it will have been 32 years since the company sold cars to American buyers. But what kind of cars will be on the docket?

What are the hallmarks of a Peugeot car?

Peugeot has had several hallmarks. Here are some of them: Race Leader – always in the race scene, the brand has made its name known in various car race divisions. It’s a need for speed, especially if the company has broken several world records.

Are there any other brands of Peugeot cars?

Many vehicles produced share many components with models from other brands inside and outside of Stellantis, while other models still are outright rebadgings . Compact produced specifically for emerging export markets.

When did the last Peugeot car come out?

Often advertised by its fiscal horsepower as the 11HP. The last Peugeot to use the ‘type’ designation. In establishing Automobiles Peugeot in 1889, Armand Peugeot split his company from the rest of the family company, overseen by his second cousin Eugène.