Who is the black guy from Pineapple Express?

Who is the black guy from Pineapple Express?

Seth Rogen
Cast. Seth Rogen as Dale Denton, a lazy process server and recreational marijuana smoker.

How old is the guy from Pineapple Express?

Plot. Dale Denton is a 23 year old process server who witnesses a dangerous drug lord, Ted Jones and corrupt cop, Officer Carol commit a murder. Dale panics and leaves his roach on the ground, as Dale recongizes it as Ted sends two hencemen to the dealer, Red.

Why Pineapple Express is bad?

One of the lead characters is a pot dealer, and the other smokes it habitually; pot is also sold to schoolchildren. There’s also lots more violence than in most comedies from producer Judd Apatow, as well as constant strong language (including “f–k,” and “s–t”).

Where is Danny McBride now?

He lives with his family in Charleston, South Carolina.

Who is the blonde girl in Pineapple Express?

Angie Anderson-Pineapple Express(2008) | Amber heard, Amber heard photos, Amber heard age.

Is Pineapple Express real?

Pineapple Express is a sativa-dominant hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing Trainwreck with Hawaiian. While this strain rose to fame on the silver screen in 2008 amidst the release of Pineapple Express, it is a real strain that you can find on the shelves of dispensaries across the country.

Is Pineapple Express actually funny?

Anyway minor quibbles aside, Pineapple Express is one of the funniest comedies ever made, and undisputed king of the stoner flicks.

Are they actually high in Pineapple Express?

There was NO strain of weed called #PineappleExpress when we made the movie. We said “if one day, people are out there selling weed called Pineapple Express, it worked”. However, despite their on-screen stoned hijinks, Rogen and Franco did not actually smoke weed while filming the movie.

Are James Franco and Danny McBride friends?

1. Danny McBride and James Franco. How long they’ve been friends: These guys met on the set of Pineapple Express and hit it off. Fun Fact: Danny wrote the script for Your Highness and James’ interest in the film stemmed from his love of the fantasy movie “The Dark Crystal” as a child.

What did Danny McBride do before acting?

Back in film school, McBride only began acting in projects for friends like Hill and Green because he happened to be around and had a surprising knack for it. “I never envisioned a career in acting,” he said. “I never really thought about it.”

Why is Pineapple Express so good?

With half of its genetics originating from an immensely pure strain that is of 100% sativa origins, it makes perfect sense why Pineapple Express would have such a strong declaration of sativa-style effects. Its THC levels typically range in the 16-26% range, so its high bringing effects are quite strong and powerful.

Who are the actors in the Pineapple Express?

Jump to navigation Jump to search. Pineapple Express is a 2008 American stoner action comedy film directed by David Gordon Green, written by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, and starring Rogen and James Franco.

Who is the drug dealer in Pineapple Express?

A high-ranking officer closes the project and deems marijuana illegal. Seventy years later in 2007, Dale Denton ( Seth Rogen ), a process server visits his drug dealer, Saul Silver ( James Franco ), to buy marijuana. Saul says he may know Dale’s next customer, Ted Jones ( Gary Cole ).

What was the plot of the Pineapple Express?

Pineapple Express (film) The plot concerns a process server and his marijuana dealer as they are forced to flee from hitmen and a corrupt police officer after witnessing them commit a murder. Producer Judd Apatow, who previously worked with Rogen and Goldberg on Knocked Up and Superbad, assisted in developing the story.

Who was the police officer in Pineapple Express?

At Ted’s house Dale witnesses Ted and a police officer, Carol Brazier ( Rosie Perez ), shoot a man dead. While fleeing, Dale leaves his roach containing Pineapple Express, a rare strain of marijuana.