Who is Molly Dooker?

Who is Molly Dooker?

Q From Mark Roome: A mollydooker is an Australian expression for a left-handed person. I’m curious to know the origin. The implication seems to have been that anybody left-handed was a bit queer in at least one respect. …

Is mollydooker a good wine?

Mollydooker makes a consistently strong range of wines—from very good to classic scores—that includes Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, red blends and a lone white from Verdelho. But it’s Shiraz that comes in the widest variety of expressions.

What is the Molly Dooker shake?

They suggest pouring out half a glass of wine, putting the cap back in, inverting the bottle and giving it a vigorous shake. This is because Mollydooker uses the inert gas nitrogen to help preserve their wines, which can flatten the wine’s flavors.

Who makes mollydooker?

Mollydooker Wines Pty Ltd is based in the McLaren Vale wine region in South Australia. It was founded by Sarah and Sparky Marquis in 2005. The 2006 Velvet Glove Shiraz was awarded 99 points by Robert Parker.

Why are left-handed people called Molly Dukers?

Aussie Word of the Week A mollydooker is a slang term for a left-handed person. In use since the 1930s, mollydooker probably came from British dialect brought to Australia in the early twentieth century. Left-handed people sometimes get a bad rap in Australian English.

What does Molly Duke mean?

mollydooker (plural mollydookers) (Britain, Australia, slang) A left-handed person.

What kind of wine is mollydooker?

Mollydooker Wines is a family estate in the McLaren Vale district of South Australia particularly known for its full-bodied, silky red wines made from classic Australian grape varieties like Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Why do you shake mollydooker?

Why do the Mollydooker Shake? When we bottle our wine, rather than use additional sulphites to prevent oxidisation, we use nitrogen. As soon as you do the Mollydooker Shake it releases the nitrogen and the flavour ‘pops back out’ to it’s full size again.

What happened to Sparky Marquis?

Marquis and Sparky went their separate ways in 2015 with Sarah taking sole ownership of Mollydooker Wines in 2017. The company has won many wine accolades over the years and was most recently named 2019 Telstra South Australian Business of the Year.