Who are the members of the band Amorphis?

Who are the members of the band Amorphis?

Amorphis. Amorphis is a Finnish heavy metal band founded by Jan Rechberger, Tomi Koivusaari, and Esa Holopainen in 1990. Initially, the band was a death metal act, but on later albums they evolved into playing other genres, including progressive metal, and folk metal.

When do the Amorphis Tour 2019 come out?

Upcoming concerts (37) See all Friday 14 June 2019 – Sunday 16 June 2019 Amorphis Dobry Festival 2019 Thursday 27 June 2019 – Saturday 29 June 2019 Amorphis Provinssi Festival 2019 Friday 28 June 2019 – Sunday 30 June 2019 Amorphis Full Force Festival 2019 Amorphis Tuska Open Air Metal Festival 2019 Friday 12 July 2019 – Saturday 13 July 2019

What are some of Amorphis most famous songs?

Discography 1 The Karelian Isthmus (1992) 2 Tales from the Thousand Lakes (1994) 3 Elegy (1996) 4 Tuonela (1999) 5 Am Universum (2001) 6 Far from the Sun (2003) 7 Eclipse (2006) 8 Silent Waters (2007) 9 Skyforger (2009) 10 The Beginning of Times (2011)

When did Amorphis release the beginning of times?

On September 30, 2010, Nuclear Blast announced that Amorphis had started work on a new album. On January 24, 2011, the band revealed that recording was almost finished, except for vocals which would be completed at the home of producer Marco Hietala. The album The Beginning of Times was released on May 27, 2011 in Europe and June 7]

When does the new Amorphis album Come Out?

On February 22, 2018, Amorphis announced finishing the recording of their upcoming studio album titled Queen of Time which was scheduled for release on May 18, 2018, via Nuclear Blast Records.

When did Am Universum by Amorphis come out?

Am Universum was released in 2001, and included more emphasis on keyboards and saxophone work, the latter contributed by Sakari Kukko. It was an experimental album and Amorphis’ most psychedelic to date. In 2002 the band contributed to the soundtrack for the movie Menolippu Mombasaan.

Where did Amorphis film their first live DVD?

On November 20, 2009, while touring in support of Skyforger, Amorphis filmed a show at Club Teatria in Oulu, Finland for their first-ever live DVD.