Who are the characters in Resident Evil?

Who are the characters in Resident Evil?

Returning lead characters are Leon Kennedy (Resident Evil 4) and Chris Redfield (Resident Evil 5). Leon and Chris have new characters as partners: Helena Harper and Piers Nivans, respectively.

What is Resident Evil all about?

Resident Evil: Degeneration is a CGI movie that takes place within the canon Resident Evil storyline. As it begins, an airport is overrun by t-Virus zombies, Claire Redfield , reunited with Leon Scott Kennedy , must stop the threats from a new terrorist organization.

What is the Resident Evil game?

Resident Evil is a survival horror game where the player controls the on-screen character from a third-person perspective to interact with the environment.

How many Resident Evil games are there?

Read on for all the Resident Evil titles released over the past 30 years. Every Resident Evil game ever released Right now, there are 28 games in the Resident Evil franchise. These games have launched for a wide range of different consoles over the years.

What is the Resident Evil series?

Resident Evil (series) Resident Evil, known in Japan as Biohazard,Biohazard (バイオハザード, Baiohazādo) is a media franchise created by Shinji Mikami and Tokuro Fujiwara , and owned by Capcom . The franchise focuses on a series of survival horror games and incorporates live-action films, animations, comic books, novels, audio dramas, and merchandise.

Was Lisa Trevor in the original Resident Evil?

Lisa Trevor is a fictional character from the Resident Evil series. She makes her first appearance in the remake of the original Resident Evil game.

Who is Jill from Resident Evil?

Jill Valentine. Her appearance in later games, such as Resident Evil (a 2002 remake of the original game), Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles and Resident Evil 5, is based on Canadian model and actor Julia Voth. In the Resident Evil film series, she is portrayed by English actor Sienna Guillory.