Which industry has the largest number of forced labour?

Which industry has the largest number of forced labour?

The agricultural industry is one of the most troubling industries where forced labor is rampant.

What percentage of slaves are in forced labour?

In 2016, at any given time, an estimated 40.3 million people worldwide were in modern slavery, including 24.9 million in forced labour and 15.4 million people in forced marriage. 70% of these are women and girls. 2. This equates to 5.4 victims of modern slavery for every 1,000 people in the world.

Who are the victims of forced labour?

Almost 21 million people are victims of forced labour – 11.4 million women and girls and 9.5 million men and boys. Almost 19 million victims are exploited by private individuals or enterprises and over 2 million by the state or rebel groups.

What is the percentage breakdown of human trafficking victims in the five industries were forced labor is predominantly found?

In the United States, forced labor is predominantly found in five sectors [16]: Prostitution and sex industry (46%) Domestic servitude (27%) Agriculture (10%)

How many slaves are in the world in 2020?

The International Labour Organization estimates that, by their definitions, over 40 million people are in some form of slavery today.

Who still has slaves today?

As of 2018, the countries with the most slaves were: India (18.4 million), China (3.86 million), Pakistan (3.19 million), North Korea (2.64 million), Nigeria (1.39 million), Indonesia (1.22 million), Democratic Republic of the Congo (1 million), Russia (794,000) and the Philippines (784,000).

How can forced labor be stopped?

Strategies to fight forced labour can compliment and reinforce priority areas that have already been selected at a local level because campaigns to unionise more workers, enforce labour legislation, increase employment opportunities or combat discrimination in the work place can all be effective tools in the …

Are there any statistics on forced labour in the world?

The 19th ICLS (International Conference of Labour Statisticians) in 2013, adopted the Resolution II concerning further work on statistics of forced labour recommending that the Office set up a working group with the aim of sharing best practices on forced labour surveys in order to encourage further such surveys in more countries.

What do you need to know about forced labour?

More information on international labour standards on forced labour ILO home Topics Forced labour, modern slavery and human trafficking Forced labour, modern slavery and human trafficking Landmark Forced Labour Protocol enters into force “Ratifying countries are now obliged to implement the treaty and report on measures taken.”

Where can I find International Labour Organization statistics?

To learn more, visit ILOSTAT, the ILO’s central portal to labour statistics. See selected resources below.

What is the ILO Convention on forced labour?

New international standard. Protocol of 2014 to the Forced Labour Convention, 1930 The new legally binding ILO Protocol on Forced Labour aims to advance prevention, protection and compensation measures, as well as to intensify efforts to eliminate contemporary forms of slavery.