Where in Whitstable did Peter Cushing Live?

Where in Whitstable did Peter Cushing Live?

18 Oxford Street, Whitstable, Kent
16–18 Oxford Street, Whitstable, Kent, CT5 1DD Cushing first visited Whitstable in the 1940s and, in 1958, bought a house, initially for weekend use and then as a retirement home, until his death in 1994.

Where is Peter Cushing’s wife?

Seasalter Cross
After his wife, Helen – herself a much loved Whitstable figure – died in 1971, and was buried in St Alphege’s Church at Seasalter Cross, he made, so long as health allowed, a daily pilgrimage to her grave, there to sit and commune with her.

How long did Peter Cushing live in Whitstable?

35 years
He lived in the town for 35 years whilst making many of the 91 films in which he starred.

What was Peter Cushing’s last movie?

Biggles: Adventures in Time
After his cancer diagnosis, Cushing would live on for more than a decade, dying in 1994 at 81. He earned his last onscreen credit in 1986’s time-travel adventure movie Biggles: Adventures in Time.

What was Peter Cushing’s net worth at death?

Peter Cushing net worth: Peter Cushing was a British actor who had a net worth of $10 million. Peter Cushing was born in Kenley, Surrey, England, United Kingdom in May 1913 and passed away in August 1994.

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Is Peter Cushing in rogue one?

I had a similar sensation last week, when Peter Cushing (who died in 1994) popped up in the new Star Wars movie, Rogue One. Shooting the first movie back in 1977, Cushing had objected to his ill-fitting galactic imperial officer riding boots, so George Lucas let him slum about in moccasins.

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