Where can I find a hijab tutorial on YouTube?

Where can I find a hijab tutorial on YouTube?

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How do you finish the edges of a hijab?

Measure the fabric 45 inch in length as well. Cut this square piece. Finish the fabric edges with any of the fabric edge finishes mentioned here. You can add beaded tassels and beaded border designs or any of the embroidery border designs on your hijab. A scalloped edge is a great way to finish the edges of the Hijab.

How to make your own hijab head cap?

This is a two piece hijab with a head covering cap and a tube like hijab. This head cap should be made in a stretch fabric like Knit. After cutting out the pattern pieces , Stitch the fabric edges of the big pieces as shown in the picture. A single turned under hem would do.

How to make a hijab out of elastic?

Stitch the sides of the elastic secure . Stitch the two pattern pieces together. Pin from the center of the two pieces.Ensure that the ends are properly aligned.If not you may have to stretch the side which is not aligning as you sew. Sew with a small seam allowance so that the curved seam will look good.

Is it OK to wear hijab with spectacles?

Wearing Hijab in conventional styles can be difficult and distressing for people who use spectacles. Sometimes, it may also become painful near the ears if they just pin up the hijab tightly. To avoid this, they can follow this method that will be more suitable for such people: Wear a Hijab cap on your head to cover your hair completely.

How to wrap a hijab without a pin?

↓ 15 – Steps for Wrapping Hijab Without a Pin Most of the hijab styles start with wrapping it around your head. Starting with a square-shaped piece of cloth folded into a triangle and then styled according to the girl’s preference.

Which is longer a hijab or a khimar?

Khimar is a hijab which is a longer version of the tube hijab; When it is made full length it is also known as overhead abaya. About 42 inch length will make a hip length Khimar. A Khimar is made exactly the same way that the tube scarf is made.