Where can I ask a doctor a question for free?

Where can I ask a doctor a question for free?

Enter HealthTap. The popular app allows users to ask its team of 35,000 active, U.S.-licensed doctors health-related questions for free. The free service allows users to ask a question under 150 characters. Anything longer and you’re asked to give a 99 cent charitable donation.

Is ask a doctor free?

Live Chat – Doctor2U. HOW IT WORKS? Our Live Chat feature allows you to “chat” with our qualified and fully registered Doctors, Pharmacists and Nutritionists anytime, anywhere for FREE.

How do I consult a doctor on Practo?

All you have to do is tell us your symptoms or health problems, choose the speciality, make a payment. Once payment is made, we alert our panel of verified, high-quality doctors and allocate a doctor to your consultation. In 60 seconds, you can start talking to a doctor.

Can I text a doctor online?

TEXT WITH A DOCTOR. ANYTIME, ANYWHERE. Chat on-demand with a board-certified clinician who can diagnose, prescribe medication, handle refills, and more. $12/month unlimited visits for you and your kids 3+ (or $23 for a one-time visit).

Can you call an ER for advice?

The ER is also often referred to as the Emergency Department. If you’re in need of medical care after office hours, find out if your health plan offers a toll-free advice line. Many plans have toll-free numbers that you can call to speak with a nurse who can help you decide if a trip to the ER is even necessary.

Can I talk to an online doctor?

Yes, you can talk to a doctor over the phone or with your computer. In some states a video appointment is required. An online doctor may be able to diagnose your condition and prescribe medication over the phone.

How much does ask a doctor cost?

Pricing Information The fee to consult with a GP on Medinet is $38 for the first available doctor, or between $38-$70 for a specific doctor. If you are an international student or overseas worker, you will need to pay for the consultation upfront.

How much doctors earn from Practo?

Employees at Practo earn an average of ₹18lakhs, mostly ranging from ₹5lakhs per year to ₹50lakhs per year based on 105 profiles. The top 10% of employees earn more than ₹27lakhs per year.

Can I consult a doctor online?

When you speak to a doctor about your health concerns through an audio/video/ chat, it is known as an online doctor consultation or online medical consultation. An online doctor consultation works the same way as a physical consultation where you get a prescription after the consultation is complete.

Does Push Doctor Contact your GP?

Push Doctor is an online only service. So, if our doctors think you need a physical examination, you’ll be referred to your local GP or local services in your area.

Is there a fee to ask a doctor a question?

Receive personalized advice from board-certified doctors about your health concern. There is no fee, charge or limit to the number of questions you can ask. You will be notified via email when your answer arrives. For many questions you will receive more than one doctor answer.

How can I use ask a doctor for free?

Users can download the branded mobile app or access the portal on the website for free. Partners will receive a quarterly utilization report. Users will simply click on the Ask A Doctor link on partner’s site or access the service using the mobile app, ask their questions, and are notified by email when a response has been provided.

How many doctors are there on ask a doctor?

A.D.A.M.’s Ask A Doctor service gives quick and easy access to doctors, anytime, anywhere. At any time of day, more than 100 doctors are online and ready to answer your questions. Our global network is made up of more than 18,000 doctors from more than 50 specialties. For any health questions, our doctors are ready to help.

How to ask a doctor for a second opinion?

With Ask A Specialist, you can send your question to, and get a reply from, a Specialist in one of more than 50 fields of medicine, or even ask for a second opinion on a serious health matter. Whether you need a Neurologist, Hematologist, or Pediatrician, Ask A Specialist can help you.