When should you throw a frog bass?

When should you throw a frog bass?

The best time to throw frog lures for bass is from early summer through early fall for most of the country. Southern anglers may see success with frogs in late spring. Once water temperatures hit about 68° and up, a frog can be a really good bait rain or shine until the first frost in fall.

Do largemouth bass eat frogs?

BIG BASS, LITTLE BASS Many anglers perceive frogs as big-fish baits. However, they’re often surprised when barely legal bass grab half-ounce frogs, proving that bass of all ages and sizes are keen on eating frogs.

What are frog lures good for?

Unlike lures with exposed hooks that bog down in the slop, the lightweight, weedless frogs smoothly glide over the vegetation. While it ranks as one of the best topwater lures for fishing in weeds, the frog is another option the pros use for fishing open water and around other cover.

Do bass bite on frog lures?

Most frogs arrive ready for action, but savvy anglers typically alter their baits for optimum performance. “A lot of times, bass in heavy cover will just get a frog’s legs in their mouth and you won’t get a hook set,” Cook said.

Is frog fishing good in the rain?

Frogs are another great lure choice for fishing bass in the rain. Using a topwater frog around a weedy location is a solid strategy. Troll the shoreline and look for tall grass or overhanging trees where you think frogs might hang out.

What action rod is best for frog fishing?

The kind of action that is best suited to a frog fishing rod is a fast or even an extra fast action. Having this kind of tip sensitivity will greatly improve you casting accuracy and your striking ability….Frog Rod

  • Length: 7 to 8 feet long.
  • Action: fast to extra fast.
  • Power: heavy.

How do you catch more fish on a frog?

Here are two tips to increase your hook set ratio: Don’t set the hook the very second that the fish hits the frog. Give it a chance to take the frog down, and then set the hook. Otherwise, the fish will be sucking in water and you will pull the frog out of its mouth before it has a hold of the frog.

Do frogs make good fish bait?

As long as it is legal per your state and local guidelines, live frogs make a very effective fishing bait for a variety of species. Catfish, bass, chain pickerel, walleye, and northern pike are just some of the species of fish you could catch with frogs.

Can you catch bass on frogs at night?

Frogs—Topwater frogs get my vote for favorite bait to throw when bass fishing at night. The sound of a topwater frog getting engulfed is about the coolest sound. Some nights they just won’t come up for one. A black frog will be my first choice, but I’ve caught them just as good on a green one.