When do you apply Diltiazem ointment?

When do you apply Diltiazem ointment?

A small amount of the diltiazem cream or ointment is applied to the affected area twice a day. The medicine is thought to work by helping the ring muscle (sphincter) that goes around the anus (back passage) to relax and allow blood to flow to the lining of the anus (back passage).

Where do you apply diltiazem?

Apply a small amount to your finger (approximately 2.5cm) and place the cream just inside the anus, at the entrance. A finger covering, such as cling film or a disposable glove may be used to apply the ointment. Use the cream twice a day every day (morning and evening) for 2 months.

How do you apply topical nifedipine?

The Diltiazem/Nifedipine ointment should be applied 3 times per day, or as directed. A pea-sized drop should be placed on the tip of your finger and then gently placed inside the anus. The finger should be inserted 1/3 – 1/2 its length and may be covered with a plastic glove or finger cot.

What is topical diltiazem used for?

Diltiazem ointment relaxes the sphincter muscle, which alleviates pain and allows stool to pass more easily. This medication also promotes blood flow, which allows the healing process to begin. The ointment reduces pressure within the anal canal pressure, which diminishes pain and spasm.

How quickly does diltiazem ointment work?

In keeping with earlier reports[11-13], topical 2% diltiazem gel in this study provided earlier pain relief, with a significant reduction in pain after 1 wk and preceded the significant healing rate of chronic anal fissure observed at 6 wk of treatment.

How do you apply Diltigesic ointment?

Follow your doctor’s instructions before using Diltigesic Organogel. Apply a small amount of the ointment to the affected rectal area as directed. If this is to be used inside the rectum, attach the rectal applicator onto the tube. Insert the applicator gently and to full extent into the rectum.

How do you use Diltiazem ointment?

How long does it take for Diltiazem ointment to work?

How quickly does Diltiazem ointment work?

Can I use diltiazem cream long term?

Most studies looked at use for around 3 months or less. It is not known what possible harms or side effects the treatment may cause if it is used for longer than this. However, diltiazem cream or ointment is not usually used for long periods.