What was the original goal of the United States Electoral College?

What was the original goal of the United States Electoral College?

Originally, the Electoral College provided the Constitutional Convention with a compromise between two main proposals: the popular election of the President and the election of the President by Congress.

Who was the first president to have a dog in the White House?

Ronald Reagan had two White House dogs. The one seen here was a Bouvier des Flandres named Lucky that Nancy Reagan received as a gift in 1984. Lucky never fully adjusted to life in the White House, so the Reagans sent her back to their California ranch in 1985.

What president had a German shepherd?

Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Franklin Delano Roosevelt: Major (German Shepherd)

What does the electoral college do?

In nearly every state, the candidate who gets the most votes wins the “electoral votes” for that state, and gets that number of voters (or “electors”) in the “Electoral College.” Second, the “electors” from each of the 50 states gather in December and they vote for president.

How does the Electoral College work simple?

The number of electors each state gets is equal to its total number of Senators and Representatives in Congress. A total of 538 electors form the Electoral College. Each elector casts one vote following the general election. The candidate who gets 270 votes or more wins.

What was the original purpose of the Electoral College?

The Electoral College in the U.S. Constitution. The original purpose of the Electoral College was to reconcile differing state and federal interests, provide a degree of popular participation in the election, give the less populous states some additional leverage in the process by providing “senatorial” electors,…

How does the Electoral College count the votes?

Each state records its electors’ votes on a Certificate of Vote, which is sent to Congress as part of the official records collection and maintenance process. On January 6th of the next year, members of the House of Representatives and the Senate meet to count the votes.

Why do people think the Electoral College is anachronistic?

Indeed, it is probably because the Electoral College was originally designed to operate in an environment so totally different from our own that many people think it is anachronistic and fail to appreciate the new purposes it now serves. But of that, more later.

Is the Electoral College a fundamental component of American federalism?

Supporters argue that it is a fundamental component of American federalism by preserving the constitutional role of the states in presidential elections, while critics note the role of slavery in the system’s creation.