What should my chlorinator read?

What should my chlorinator read?

First take a salt reading. On a Hayward Salt Chlorinator, your salt reading should be between 2,700 – 3,400 PPM (parts per million) with the optimum level of 3,200 PPM.

What should my salt generator read?

Average salt reading (ASR) 2700-3400 ppm is the idea recommended levels. However, the reading can go up to 4000 ppm before the Hi Salt light appears. The unit will still produce chlorine until the reading goes above 4000 ppm and the GENERATING light usually will go off.

How often should I run my saltwater chlorinator?

Your pool system including chlorine generator should be operated often enough to completely turn your pool water over at least every 12 hours or twice a day.

What is the difference between a Hayward GLX cell 15 W and a T Cell 15?

Only t-cell-15 and t-cell-15swp has 3 yrs if you buy from a pool store and have it installed by a pro. Anything else has one yr. the W is the one Hayward send out to replace the defected ones, hence W. It has one yr warranty and is NOT for sale.

How often should I clean my salt cell?

How often should my salt cell be cleaned? Clean salt cells when scale develops on the metallic (titanium) grids, or once per season at the very least. Too frequent cleaning will erode the coating on the grids, which is what makes them work.

Can a T 5 cell be replaced with a T 15 cell?

Basically, if you always had a T-5 cell, stay with that cell. Same goes for T-15 cell. Or you can just upgrade to a newer board. Secondly the Duty Cycle is 120 minutes in length. We will talk more about that in a second. If r1.50 or higher, you have the ability to change the cell type to T-3, T-5, T-9, or T-15.

Is there a warranty on a T cell 15 salt cell?

The generic Replacement T-Cell 15 Salt Cell is an eco-friendly, affordable, and high-performing replacement T-Cell 15 Salt Cell with one year full replacement warranty.

Is the Hayward T-cell-15 a replacement salt cell?

The Hayward T-Cell-15 is a replacement salt cell for a wide range of Hayward salt chlorination systems — but, there are other Hayward TurboCells in the series. If you just need a replacement cell then here are the links to Amazon.

How many gallons of chlorine can a T cell 15 hold?

While both the T- Cell 15 and the T- Cell 15LL can support pools up to 40,000 gallons in size, the regular T- Cell 15 is designed to produce around 580lbs of chlorine throughout its life before it needs to be replaced. The T- Cell 15LL on the other hand, can handle up to 725lbs of chlorine and comes with a 3- year warranty.