What is there to do in zortman Montana?

What is there to do in zortman Montana?

TOP 10 BEST Things To Do near Zortman, MT 59546

  • Great Plains Dinosaur Museum. 42.8 mi. Museums.
  • Phillips County Museum. 42.8 mi. Museums.
  • Roger’s Saloon Chuckwagon & Casino. 42.6 mi. Casinos.
  • CollectM Antiques. 41.1 mi. Art Galleries.
  • Westside Casino. 42.6 mi.
  • Marion Hills Golf Course. 41.5 mi.
  • Trails Inn Bar. 47.1 mi.
  • Cowboy Bar. 35.5 mi.

Where is the Zortman Landusky mine?

central Montana
The Zortman Landusky gold and silver mine is located in the Little Rocky Mountains of north central Montana, just south of the Fort Belknap Reservation — home to the Gros Ventre and Assiniboine Tribes. The mine, which operated from 1979 – 1998, has caused extensive surface and groundwater contamination.

What county is zortman MT?

Phillips County

Where are the Little Rockies?

The Little Rocky Mountains, also known as the Little Rockies, are a group of buttes, roughly 765 km2 in area, located towards the southern end of the Fort Belknap Indian Reservation in Blaine County and Phillips County in north-central Montana. Their highest summit is Antoine Butte (~5720 ft (1743 m)).

Is zortman Montana a ghost town?

Montana’s Little Rocky Mountains, situated in the northeast area of the state, are home to the lone ghost town of Zortman. At its peak, Zortman was a community of about 2,000 people in a town made up of nine bars, a few general stores, two hotels, a small hospital, livery stables and other local establishments.

Where is the Madison Range?

The Madison Range is a mountain range located in the Rocky Mountains of Montana and Idaho in the United States. The range was named in honor of future President of the United States, then U.S. Secretary of State James Madison by Meriwether Lewis as the Lewis and Clark Expedition travelled through Montana in 1805.

What is the tallest peak at Big Sky?

Big Sky Resort

Big Sky
Top elevation 11,166 ft (3,403 m)
Base elevation 6,800 ft (2,073 m) Lone Moose 7,500 ft (2,286 m) Mountain Village
Skiable area 5,800 acres (23.5 km2)
Runs 250+ – 15% beginner – 25% intermediate – 60% advanced

Where is the Lower Madison River?

The lower Madison River is considered to be the Madison River from below Ennis Lake, downstream to the headwaters of the Missouri River. This section of the Madison flows through the Beartrap Wilderness Area in a narrow gorge characterized by some serious whitewater and difficult access.

Can you keep fish on the Madison River?

All fishermen can enjoy the river, as the dry fly fisherman, the nymph fisherman and the streamer fisherman all enjoy success on the river. Despite the Madison’s run-in with whirling disease years ago, the Madison River still provides some of the finest fishing in the state for wild rainbow trout and large brown trout.

Does Montana have altitude sickness?

Altitude sickness isn’t a huge problem for hikers in Montana, but people should be aware of the symptoms and methods of treatment before heading upward in elevation, said Dr. Steve Gipe, an emergency room physician at Bozeman Deaconess Hospital and a member of two Mount Everest climbing teams.