What is the use of Glycero gelatin base?

What is the use of Glycero gelatin base?

1) Glycero-gelatin base :- It is a mixture of glycerin and water which is made stiff by the addition of gelatin . The base may be used or preparing all types of suppositories but it is particularly used for making pessaries.

What is the most commonly used suppository and why?

Suppositories based on glycerin are most known for use in the treatment of constipation. Glycerin is a water-soluble polyol compound that is hyperosmolar. Its mechanism as a suppository base is to draw moisture from the surrounding tissue to facilitate the dissolution of the suppository.

Why is Glycerinated gelatin The preferred vaginal suppository base?

Vaginal inserts, formerly called pessaries, are available in ovoid, globular, and other shapes and weigh about 3 to 5 g each. Compounded vaginal inserts that use water-soluble bases, such as polyethylene glycol (PEG) or glycerinated gelatin, are the preferred form because they minimize leakage.

What is the most commonly used suppository base?

The most frequently used suppository bases, especially: 1) cocoa butter. 2) hydrogenated fatty acids of vegetable oils, such as palm kernel oil and cottonseed oil. 3) compounds consisting of glycerides of higher- molecular-weight fatty acids, such as glyceryl monostearate and glyceryl monopalmitate.

How do I choose a suppository base?

The selection of suppository base material depends both on the intended use (systemic versus local effect) and the route of administration (rectal, vaginal, or urethral). Other factors to consider include patient comfort, and compatibility and stability of components in the base.

What is Glycero gelatin?

Glycerogelatin –> glycerinated gelatin. a preparation made of equal parts of gelatin and glycerin; a firm mass liquefying at gentle heat; it is used as a vehicle for suppositories and urethral bougies. Synonym: glycerin jelly, glycerogelatin, glycogelatin.

Can I use a capsule as a suppository?

To reiterate, gelatin capsules are not recommended as a means by which to administer drugs rectally, although occasionally a researcher may attempt to administer a softgel capsule rectally.

Which suppository base do not require lubrication?

Soap-glycerin base​

How do you prepare a suppository?

Hand Rolling is the oldest and simplest method of suppository preparation. It may be used when only a few suppositories are to be prepared in a cocoa butter base. Grated cocoa butter and active ingredients are triturated in a mortar.

How are Glycerogelatin applied or administered?

Glycerogelatin are semisolid dosage forms comprising of glycerine, gelatin, water and drug which upon heating to temperatures slightly above body temperature melt and can be applied over the affected area. These upon cooling harden, cover the area and release the drug.