What is the typical format of an obituary?

What is the typical format of an obituary?

A standard obituary format begins with the following information about the deceased: Full name, including first, middle, maiden, and last names, and suffixes, such as Jr. or Sr. Age at the time of death. City and state of most current residence.

What is the proper way to write an obituary?

The full name of the deceased, including nicknames. The age of the deceased at the time of death. The city or town of residence at the time of death. A list of immediate surviving family members.

Why are obituaries so expensive?

In short, obituaries are often expensive due to the actual cost of printing and the fact that there used to be very few alternatives. Online obituaries, such as the free ones you can create here on Ever Loved, can vary in price, but are generally much cheaper than printed obituaries.

Should an ex wife be mentioned in an obituary?

Most obituaries include the deceased’s current spouse in the list of survivors, but don’t mention any ex-spouses, as they are not typically considered current family.

Who should be listed as survivors in an obituary?

For obituaries, it’s etiquette to list survivors or predeceased family members. A survivor is a relative of the deceased who is still living. A predeceased family member is a relative who has already passed away.

How do you list a step family in an obituary?

To write about stepsiblings or half-siblings, write the obituary to say: [Name] is survived by siblings [list all their names] and stepsiblings (or half-siblings) [list names].

Does the funeral home write the obituary?

If you are working with a funeral home, they may offer to write the death notice and have it published for you. Some funeral homes will do this for free, while others may charge a fee. For advice on how to write a death notice or obituary, see our article How to Write a Death Notice or Obituary.

How do you include an ex-spouse in an obituary?

If a couple shared friends and acquaintances, listing the ex among the survivors is a way to help people recognize the name of the deceased and respond appropriately. If the couple remained friendly after their divorce, it may be appropriate to list the survivor’s name as “former spouse.”