What is the synonym of intermediate?

What is the synonym of intermediate?

Synonyms of ‘intermediate’ He was third fastest at the halfway point. in-between (informal) midway. intervening. transitional.

What is the meaning of intermediately?

(ĭn′tər-mē′dē-ĭt) adj. Lying or occurring between two extremes or in a middle position or state: an aircraft having an intermediate range; an intermediate school.

What is the synonym of intimidated?

frighten, menace, terrify, scare, alarm, terrorize, overawe, awe, cow, subdue, discourage, daunt, unnerve. threaten, domineer, browbeat, bully, pressure, pressurize, harass, harry, hound, hector, torment, plague. tyrannize, persecute, oppress.

What is the synonym of moderate?

average, modest, medium, middling, ordinary, common, commonplace, everyday, workaday. tolerable, passable, adequate, fair, decent. mediocre, indifferent, uninspired, undistinguished, unexceptional, unexciting, unremarkable, run-of-the-mill, lacklustre, forgettable, inferior, second-rate.

What does intermediate mean in school?

noun. a school for pupils in grades 4 through 6. a junior high school.

Is intermediate higher than fluent?

As adjectives the difference between fluent and intermediate is that fluent is that flows; flowing, liquid while intermediate is being between two extremes, or in the middle of a range.

What is the synonym of literate?

educated, well educated, well read, widely read, scholarly, learned, schooled, knowledgeable, intellectual, intelligent, erudite, lettered, cultured, cultivated, sophisticated, well informed. ignorant. 3’a literate and readable study’

Is Terrified is the synonym of intimidated?

In this page you can discover 30 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for intimidated, like: terrified, daunted, frightened, cowed, browbeaten, bullied, horror-stricken, threatened, ride, dominated and menaced.

Is intimidating a compliment?

Being called intimidating is not a criticism. In fact, it’s a compliment.