What is the point of Mirrors Edge?

What is the point of Mirrors Edge?

Mirror’s Edge is an action-adventure platform game where the player must control the protagonist, Faith Connors, from a first-person perspective and navigate a city.

Can U Get mirrors edge on PS4?

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst – PlayStation 4.

Why does Mirrors Edge look so good?

How does Mirror’s Edge still look this good? Definitely due to the minimalist art style. It disguises the outdated graphics/textures. Nature of the lighting as well.

Is mirrors edge or catalyst better?

I have both games and I believe the first game is superior to Catalyst. The first game had a much better atmosphere in my opinion. The bright colors and great soundtrack made this game quite unique.

Is Mirror’s Edge good?

Mirror’s Edge is a great game, and is quite different from conventional first person action-adventure games. I wouldn’t go so far as to call it artistic: agreed, the visual design is great and the gameplay is different from anything else you’ve ever seen.

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