What is the official website of NASA?

What is the official website of NASA?

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA; /ˈnæsə/) is an independent agency of the U.S. federal government responsible for the civilian space program, as well as aeronautics and space research….NASA.

Agency overview
Website NASA.gov

What year was the NASA website published?

The digital universe has changed radically since we overhauled www.NASA.gov in 2007. When we released that version (NASA.gov 5.0) we were most concerned with reorganizing our content so that it reflects how the general public sees NASA and its work, making things easier for people to find.

Is there a NASA website?

DATA.NASA.GOV is NASA’s clearinghouse site for open-data provided to the public. Tens of thousands of datasets are available for you.

Are the arks in 2012 possible?

Only three arks managed to survive the apocalypse while the other ones were either destroyed due to the earth’s crust or still under construction. It can be assumed that the people and some animals even treasures inside the arks are the only survivors of the 2012 event.

Is NASA still active?

Though the U.S. space agency is now without its own means of transporting people to space, it does have some plans in the works. Meanwhile, NASA will rent seats for U.S. astronauts aboard Russian Soyuz spacecraft to go to the International Space Station, which will continue operating until at least 2020.

Where is the NASA launch site?

The John F. Kennedy Space Center (KSC, originally known as the NASA Launch Operations Center), located on Merritt Island, Florida, is one of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s (NASA) ten field centers. Since December 1968, KSC has been NASA’s primary launch center of human spaceflight.

How do I connect to NASA?

To access the NASA BYOD Wireless Network:

  1. Select the “nasabyod” wireless network from your personal devices’s list of available networks.
  2. When prompted, enter your NDC User ID and Password.
  3. To access internal sites, you will need to connect to JSC’s Virtual Private Network (VPN)

How real is the movie 2012?

The movie was based on the ancient Mayan phenomenon, that December 21, 2012 on their calendar is the end of the world. The planet would destroyed because of solar flares and killed all the people on earth.

Is there a NASA eclipse Bullet for the 2012 annular eclipse?

Although it was not possible to publish a NASA Eclipse Bullet for the 2012 annular eclipse, this special web page contains much of the material that would have appeared in it. The 2012 May 20 eclipse occurs at the Moon’s descending node in central Taurus.

Where will the 2012 May 20 Eclipse be visible?

The 2012 May 20 eclipse occurs at the Moon’s descending node in central Taurus. An annular eclipse will be visible from a 240 to 300 kilometre-wide track that traverses eastern Asia, the northern Pacific Ocean and the western United States.

What is the doomsday date of December 21 2012?

This catastrophe was initially predicted for May 2003, but when nothing happened the doomsday date was moved forward to December 2012 and linked to the end of one of the cycles in the ancient Mayan calendar at the winter solstice in 2012 – hence the predicted doomsday date of December 21, 2012.

Will there be a solar storm in 2012?

A: Solar activity has a regular cycle, with peaks approximately every 11 years. Near these activity peaks, solar flares can cause some interruption of satellite communications, although engineers are learning how to build electronics that are protected against most solar storms. But there is no special risk associated with 2012.