What is the fastest LPN program?

What is the fastest LPN program?

Top 5 Fast Track LPN Programs

Rank School Location
1 Montgomery Community College Troy, North Carolina
2 Johnson County Community College Overland Park, Kansas
3 Gateway Community College Florence, Kentucky
4 Tennessee College of Applied Technology Jackson Tennessee

What is the best online LPN program?

Top 6 Online LPN Programs 2021

Rank School Location
1 Lake Area Technical College Watertown, SD
2 Maysville Community and Technical College Maysville, KY
3 State Fair Community College Sedalia, MO
4 Ashland Community and Technical College Ashland, KY

How long is LPN program at Lincoln Tech?

Approximately 52 weeks
Day Programs

Total Semester Credit Hours 0.0
Instructional Hours 1500
Weeks to Complete — Day Approximately 52 weeks (including holidays and scheduled breaks)

Can I earn my LPN online?

There are no 100% LPN programs online. One cannot become an LPN strictly by taking courses online, however hybrid and other courses and programs do exist. LPNs earn your ADN or BSN degree online in up to 1/2 the time and cost of traditional programs. …

How much is Stone Academy LPN program?

Program Name Tuition & Fees Avg. Completion Time
Licensed Practical/Vocational Nurse Training $306,125 16 Months
National Average $14,963 12.65 Months
Nursing Assistant/Aide and Patient Care Assistant/Aide $7,425 4 Months
National Average $4,281 4.53 Months

What GPA do you need for Lincoln Tech?

The criteria for application are a 3.5 cumulative GPA and an overall attendance record of 95%. In addition, a committee of teachers and staff will evaluate the student’s employability competencies demonstrated during the first 9 courses for acceptance.

Which state pays LPN the highest?

Best-Paying States for LPNs and LVNs The states and districts that pay Licensed Practical and Licensed Vocational Nurses the highest mean salary are Alaska ($63,850), Massachusetts ($60,340), California ($60,240), Rhode Island ($59,860), and Nevada ($58,470).