What is Naruto Shippuden Episode 480 about?

What is Naruto Shippuden Episode 480 about?

Naruto is hungry, but doesn’t have enough money to go to Ramen Ichiraku, so he runs home. On his way, he passes by Sasuke, who overhears adults talking about Naruto’s involvement in the Fourth Hokage’s death. Naruto sulks by himself at home, and leaves to train in the forest.

What Naruto Shippuden episodes are unnecessary?

Skip these. These are the filler episodes you can skip without losing any of the storyline: 28, 170-171, 223-242, 257-260, 271, 279-281, 376-377, 416, 422-423, 427-450, and 480-483.

What season is episode 420 Naruto?

Season 17
Naruto Shippuden: Season 17 Episode 420 – The Eight Inner Gates Formation.

What episode does Naruto get poisoned by Sakura?

“Naruto: Outbreak” (ナルト・アウトブレイク, Naruto Autobureiku) is episode 183 of the Naruto: Shippūden anime.

What episode does Hinata confess?

“Confession” (告白, Kokuhaku) is episode 166 of the Naruto: Shippūden anime.

What episode does Naruto see Shino again?

“The New Target” (新たなる目標, Aratanaru Tāgetto) is episode 33 of the Naruto: Shippūden anime.

How did Guy survive 8 gates?

After Might Guy uses Eight Gates Released Formation, he is saved from death by Naruto Uzumaki’s Yin–Yang Release. However, damage done to his leg from using Night Guy leaves him wheelchair-bound for the rest of his life.

Who did Madara declare the strongest?

Madara says that Gai is the strongest taijutsu user he has ever faced, and he has faced Hashirama Senju repeatedly in the past in life or death fights, while the latter was in Sage Mode, which pretty much puts you out of everyone else’s league immediately.

What happens in episode 183 of Naruto: Shippūden?

Naruto visits Sakura, who is caring for Tsunade. Sakura recalls an incident that took place three years before, in which she collapsed from symptoms that resembled a disease caused by a mysterious virus, one that turns a ninja’s chakra into fever.