What is activation in media?

What is activation in media?

Basically, brand activation is the process of building awareness for a company by engaging directly with target audiences consumers. This can be done through different event types or marketing campaigns, as long as the effort results in a specific consumer experience that builds a company’s notoriety.

What is digital media activation?

A Digital Brand Activation is an online initiative that leverages audience microtargeting and intent-based strategy, to raise brand awareness and drive immediate leads or sales. It’s similar in feel to an “analog” brand activation,* but, because it’s digital, it’s fast, inexpensive and highly measurable.

What do activations mean?

ac·ti·vat·ed, ac·ti·vat·ing, ac·ti·vates. 1. To set in motion; make active or more active. 2. To organize or create (a military unit, for example): activate the National Guard.

What does sales activation mean?

What is sales activation? Sales activation is just another name for conversion. It happens when a prospective customer decides it’s finally time to make a purchase.

What is an activation platform?

We’re pretty sure that you’ve heard of Steam, Origin, Battle.net and the like if you play games at least occasionally. If you haven’t, then activation platforms are services that allow you to activate the keys you purchased and download games and software.

Why are brand activations important?

The goal of brand activation is to create a connection between the consumer and the brand. In essence, you could say brand activation ensures that the brand’s value is “activated” in the consumer’s mind, The consumer then starts associating that value with the brand creating a strong bond.

What is a consumer activation platform?

A consumer activation platform helps you drive actions that matter, like getting a vaccine, scheduling an appointment, selecting insurance coverage and more.

What is the brand portfolio?

A brand portfolio is known as the leading brand of a company that covers all other brands or companies operated by a company. A large company uses various brand names to introduce products and services to fulfill the requirements of different market segments.

What does activation mean in social media marketing?

9. Social Media Activation is our term for how we bring experiences to our target audiences and bring our target audiences into our experiences. Activating social media effectively involves drawing on the best from a multitude of marketing disciplines – public relations, digital media planning, creative and technology.

What are the different types of brand activations?

Here are some of the most popular types of brand activations: 1 Experiential marketing 2 Digital marketing campaigns 3 Sampling campaigns 4 In-store events 5 Promotions 6 Social media engagements

How are activation techniques used in sports marketing?

Sports marketing Marketing activation techniques are commonly used in sports marketing. They are often associated with a brand sponsoring an athlete or an event in order to boost their brand awareness. It has been said that “with strong marketing activation and creativity, consumers should remember the sponsor’s campaign”

What kind of data is used in activation?

Different types of data are used in marketing activation. For example, “video-based measurement (…) provides visibility into shopper engagement and behaviour relative to exact marketing activation, enabling a holistic approach to shopper marketing .” CRM data and models are also used to improve the effectiveness of marketing activation.