What happened at Nui Dat?

What happened at Nui Dat?

The attack occurred during the early hours of 17 August 1966, with the VC using mortars and recoilless rifles. The Australians had only recently established the base at Nui Dat, from which they sought to operate and assert control of Phuoc Tuy, the province for which Australia had operational authority.

Where is Nui Dat in Vietnam?

–Vung Tau province
Nui Dat (Núi Đất) is a former 1st Australian Task Force (1 ATF) base now part of Ba Ria city in Ba Ria–Vung Tau province, Vietnam. It is not the name of an official ward, it just means “dirt hill” (núi đất).

Which part of Phuoc Tuy province did Australian troops secure the route to Saigon?

Operation Hardihood was a security operation conducted from 16 May to 8 June 1966 during the Vietnam War by the U.S. 503rd Infantry Regiment, the 1st Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment (1RAR) and the 5th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment (5 RAR) in Phước Tuy Province, South Vietnam to secure the area around Nui …

Who died at Long Tan?

17 Australians
During the battle, 17 Australians were killed and a further 25 were wounded, one of whom later died of wounds. This was the highest number of Australian casualties incurred in any one engagement of the Vietnam War. The losses on the Vietnamese side were at least 245 dead, an estimated 350 wounded, and three captured.

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What kind of plantation was long tan?

rubber plantation
The Battle of Long Tan (18 August 1966) took place in a rubber plantation near Long Tân, in Phước Tuy Province, South Vietnam, during the Vietnam War. The action was fought between Viet Cong (VC) and People’s Army of Vietnam (PAVN) units and elements of the 1st Australian Task Force (1 ATF).