What episode of The Next Step does Riley give James the list?

What episode of The Next Step does Riley give James the list?


Season Episode
2 22

Are James and Riley from the next step together?

James. James is Riley’s long-term boyfriend. They have been together since Season One, and are the longest-running couple in the entire show.

Does James propose to Riley?

History. James presents the ring to Riley, as a sign of his promise to never break up with and marry Riley (and give her a real ring) later in their lives. It makes subtle appearances on Riley’s finger in her non-dancing scenes during The Off Season: Season 1 and Season 5.

Who does James date in the next step?

James eventually moved up to B-Troupe, where he dated Beth. After making it onto A-Troupe, James ended his relationship with her in order to focus on dance. At one point, he dated Amanda.

Has the next step ended?

It’s never a nice thing when a series of one of your favourite TV shows comes to an end and you’re left looking for something new to watch. For fans of CBBC’s The Next Step, that’s unfortunately what has happened as the seventh series of the dance-themed show has now come to an end.

Will the next step have a Season 9?

Season 9 is the 9th season of The next Step.

Is James and Riley in Season 5?

Fan-favourites Brittany Raymond (Riley), Trevor Tordjman (James), Taveeta Szymanowicz (Thalia) and Isaac Lupien (Eldon) will make guest appearances throughout the season.

Does Richelle leave The Next Step?

Richelle has left The Next Step is now a member of Gemini that Skylar went in Season 5 after not making the team, Richelle confessed that she misses her A-Troupe family and wants to come back to The Next Step but, the Geminis has given her the position as Miss Nationals Soloists for Nationals.

Is Riley and James in Season 5?

Are Riley and Emily really sisters?

Riley (portrayed by Brittany Raymond) is a shy contemporary and ballet dancer who is Emily’s younger sister. In season 1, she is a member of the E-Girls but gets kicked out by her sister when she stands up to Emily in favor of Michelle.

Is Briar Nolet married to Myles Erlick?

After announcing their engagement in the summer of 2018, the ballroom duo hit the road for the Dancing with the Stars: Live! The couple married on April 13, 2019, and jumped right into another season of “DWTS” later that fall and the live tour in 2020.

Is the next step real or fake?

THE NEXT STEP is a scripted drama series filmed like a reality show, with a constant back-and-forth between observational segments and tell-all confessionals with individual characters.